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Cybersecurity has become a major concern of businesses and governments. As the data saved of clouds and other means has the exposure us to hackers, business competitors and other predators with malicious intent. Cyber breaches have led to many damages including, public property and loss of life. Data breach affects large MNCs, small and medium enterprises in a very harmful way.  Read more on why cyber security is needed now more than ever. Cyber Security Course, Facebook Users, Cyber Attack, Business Organization, Identity Theft, Competitor Analysis, Cloud Based, Goods And Services, Public

Cyber Security - Analysis of the digital world

An overview of Enterprise cyber security systems, causes and its importance. Learn cyber security course online, network security, Ethical hacking and more important lessons.

Big data is the phrase that is used to define large structured and unstructured volumes of data that has the potential to be mined for information and used in machine learning projects and other advanced analytics applications.   According to the big data management, the quality of the data should be high and there should be accessibility for business intelligence.  Know more here. Machine Learning Projects, Big Data Technologies, Data Quality, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Application Development, Management, Challenges

Importance of Big Data Management and its Challenges

Big data is the phrase that is used to define large structured and unstructured volumes of data that has the potential to be mined for information and used in machine learning projects and other advanced analytics applications. learn big data online courses from EdYoda- A free technology learning and knowledge-sharing platform.

Cloud computing has been rapidly gaining pace in the world of information technology. It has been observed that over 90% of global enterprises are using cloud technology as part of their business. Every industry has its own technology dynamics designed to suit its infrastructure. To understand the future of cloud computing, one needs to understand the dynamics of cloud computing in various key industries. Improve Flexibility, Cloud Based, Cloud Computing, Study Materials, Digital Technology, Information Technology, Suit, Clouds, Key

Impact of cloud computing in various industries

An overview of cloud computing used in various industries. Learn free, online cloud computing course, AWS services and more important lessons at Edyoda.

With the rise of the development of software, the need for software testing also rose. Software testing or Automation Testing plays a great role when the software is in the development phase. It aims to make the software perfect through various levels of testing for the convenience of humans. Manual Testing, Software Testing, Research And Development, Software Development, Small Company, Simple Words, Cool Things To Make, Plays

An overview of Automation Testing

An overview of Automation Testing, its importance, and roles in various industries. Learn Automation courses, Java for selenium and more important lessons.

DevOps is a term derived after combining development and operation for a common purpose- driving the development of operational processes. It automates the processes between the software development and IT teams to build, test, and release software faster and enhances reliability. Platform As A Service, Pre Production, Holistic Approach, Software Development, Teamwork, Design Process, Online Courses, Purpose, Knowledge

Understanding DevOps - holistic approach to the end-to-end software de

Here’s an in-depth introduction to DevOps. Learn DevOps online course, from beginners level to intermediate courses and more important courses at Edyoda.

If you learn cloud computing then you can make things much easier for your projects. To put it simply cloud computing offers the delivery of different services through the internet. These services include tools and applications such as data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software.   For a more efficient and smooth workflow, cloud computing surely seems to be taking over, and more and more people are moving to use it to the best of its services. Here’s all you need to know about… Kinds Of Clouds, Platform As A Service, Cloud Computing Services, Build An App, Party Service, Natural Energy, All You Need Is, Software, Smooth

Learn cloud computing; an in-depth introduction to it | Edyoda

Learn cloud computing with this course by Edyoda. Here’s an in-depth introduction to cloud computing and all the basic things you need to know about it.

We have had an insight into Artificial Intelligence. Well, one of its subfields is machine learning and this introduction will help you get a fair idea of what a machine learning online course holds.   To begin with, one must understand what machine learning is. Application Development, App Development, Robot Applications, Artificial Intelligence Course, Introduction To Machine Learning, Supervised Learning, Building Games, Programming Languages, Deep Learning

Get an introduction to a machine learning online course here | Edyoda

Here’s an introduction to a machine learning online course provided by Edyoda. From types of learning to programming languages, this covers all. Know more.

The term Income Share Agreement has been around for a long time since 1955 to be precise. Surprised, eh? It was first introduced by Milton Friedman, an American economist, and statistician who strongly believed in “free-market capitalism”. In the last few months, there has been a lot of buzz around it, particularly among college graduates.  So, what is this Income Share Agreement? Contract Agreement, Free Market, College Graduation, Investing, How To Become, American, Graduation

What is Income Share Agreement (ISA) ?

The term Income Share Agreement has been around for a long time since 1955 to be precise. Surprised, eh? It was first introduced by Milton Friedman, an American economist, and statistician. In the last few months, there has been a lot of buzz around ISA, particularly among college graduates. So, what is this ISA?

A business must always introspect the areas where they lack in order to bring about a positive change in the work environment. One of the main precautions or a contingency plan that is necessary for every business and especially industries working with clouds, networks and computers should conduct a backup of its files which will serve as a boon in any point of time. Oracle Sql, Contingency Plan, Data Backup, Push Away, Data Structures, Data Recovery, In Case Of Emergency, Digital Technology, Previous Year

Importance of Data Backup and Recovery in the IT industry

An overview of Data Backup and Recovery in the digital world, its need and importance. Learn Database courses online, Oracle SQL and more important lessons at Edyoda

Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence which is an important part of computer science. The revolution of Big Data promises to transform the way we work, live and think by enabling the process of optimization, discovering insights and improved decision making. This potential relies on the ability to extract value from big data and provide data analytics. Machine Learning Models, Data Structures, Data Analytics, Big Challenge, Artificial Intelligence, Enabling, Big Data, Decision Making, Computer Science

Challenges of Machine Learning in Big Data Analytics

An overview of Machine Learning and the challenges it faces while handling Big Data. Learn Big Data online courses and lot more important lessons at Edyoda.

A web stack is a collection of software that is used to build a web application. Many E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart and eBay provide the best user experience which is one of the reasons why they maintain their position at the top. Currently, the most popular web stacks are: LAMP stack and MEAN stack.  Let us try to understand more about these web application development platforms. Web Application Development, Software Development, Choose The Right, Are You The One, Linux Operating System, Business Requirements, What Is Meant, User Experience

LAMP Stack Vs MEAN stack: Choosing the right platform for your web app

An in-depth introduction to MEAN stack & LAMP stack. Choosing the right platform. Learn application development courses and more important courses at Edyoda.

The popularity of these frameworks has taken over the much older framework in a very short span of time. However, both React Native and Flutter are very popular among the developers who wish to create native applications for Android and iOS without spending much time and effort. Therefore, we recommend to learn mobile application development courses online at EdYoda- Free technology learning platform. Business Logic, Ui Components, React Native, Mobile Application Development, User Guide, Social Platform, Online Courses, Nativity

React Native Vs Flutter-cross-platform mobile application development

An overview of Mobile application development cross-platforms, React Native and Flutter: Which is the best platform for you.

Python has been the most dominant programming language in the development community for quite a few years now. This is evident from the fact that according to a recent survey by JetBrains 27% of Budding Developers have either started learning python or they have studied it in the past year.  Let us look at some cool ways to get a quick sense of things by referring Python Programming Tutorials. Application Development, Web Development, Top Programming Languages, Programming Tutorial, Python Programming, Data Science, Machine Learning, Fun Facts

A Primer on Python Programming Tutorial for beginners | EdYoda

Python has been the most dominant programming language in the development community for quite a few years now. Know more about python with these Python Programming Tutorials and become a proficient developer.

Innovation and us holds a bond that compliments each other. Digital transformations without cloud computing as its partner are like a half-built bridge. As it empowers us and helps in making progressive moves. One of the marquees in the digitally transforming technologies ecosystem is Cloud computing-An umbrella term that enables the users to accelerate and scale up the business using the cloud-based solutions. Communication Process, Means Of Communication, Cloud Computing Services, Data Processing, Data Analytics, Cloud Based, Enabling, Compliments

Cloud Computing- An Umbrella Term that enables Digital Transformation

Cloud computing is a logical, user-friendly, and optimal solution. In present time cloud computing courses are booming as they offer innovative, strategic, and competitive solutions for the businesses.

Distributed computing is one of the well-known subjects of the present world. The Internet has begun driving all these new innovations. The Internet was structured right off the bat to be solid, yet not totally sheltered.   Circulated applications like these are much inclined to assault. Distributed computing has all the weaknesses related to this web usage and the additional dangers emerge from the joined, Virtualized and redistribute assets.  Click here to know more about Cloud… Distributed Computing, End To End Encryption, Cloud Data, Access Control, Decoding, Cloud Computing, Innovation, Internet, Clouds

The New Way to Encrypt Cloud Data- Cloud Cryptography

Cryptography can be utilized for keeping up cloud information access control, cloud information trust the board, unquestionable figuring, cloud information approval, and verification and secure information stockpiling. Learn cloud computing and other cryptography modules can bring great help and when EDYODA brings in a free learning platform, learning is easier and hassle-free.

Over the most recent 10 years, Android has become famous, not only with its themes that have candy names yet in addition to its broad, and sudden, achievement. In its lifetime, the open-source portable working framework has developed to incorporate 1.4 billion dynamic clients and 80% of cell phones today run Android programming. Android One, Android Apps, Mobile Application Development, App Development, Systems Biology, Android Developer, Open Source, Comprehension, 10 Years

Why you should accelerate your knowledge on Mobile App Development

Building a career as an application developer, learn mobile application development online at EdYoda - your free online technology learning partner.