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Titan Aerospace's drones could blanket large areas with wireless Internet signals, although the signals would be slower and unable to handle. Buy Drone, Drone Technology, Technology Design, Startup, Cinema 4d, Tech News, Solar Power, Shopping, Tecnologia

Facebook Looking Into Buying Drone Maker Titan Aerospace – TechCrunch

Facebook, one of the primary backers of the initiative, which aims to bring affordable Internet access to the 5 billion people in the world who still lack connectivity, is in talks with a company that could help further that agenda. TechCrunch is hearing that Facebook is buying Titan Aerospace, makers of near-orbital, solar-powered drones which can fly for five years without needing to land. According to a source with access to information about the deal, the price for this…

It's official: Boeing has taken the wraps off of Black, its security-oriented Android smartphone with a built-in self-destruct function! Bluetooth Low Energy, Mobile Gadgets, Latest Technology News, Android Smartphone, Self, Product Launch, Samsung, Iphone, Government Agencies

Boeing develops secure phone which can self-destruct

It’s not just citizens that are worried about being spied on by their governments – governments don’t much fancy being snooped on either.

Of All Website Traffic Are Bots - How This Impacts Small Businesses - Small Business Trends Social Web, Social Media, Human Traffic, All Website, Digital Trends, Sem Internet, Digital Technology, Search Engine, Google Play

Bots now running the Internet with 61 percent of Web traffic

Both good bots and bad bots can be found lurking online -- looking to either drive traffic or wreak havoc.

New anti-piracy system will hit U. Internet users next week "CAS' six strikes: more money spent on sending warnings in the form of messages in a bottle. Free Music Video, Music Videos, Daily Dot, 21st Century Skills, Internet, Message In A Bottle, Video New, Next Week, Tech News

New anti-piracy system will hit U.S. Internet users next week | The Daily Dot

The controversial Copyright Alert System will finally arrive for Comcast users Monday, and roll out to other major ISPs throughout the week.

Asus Laptops and Desktops to Ship With Gesture Control Thanks to New Deal With Startup Leap Motion Leap Motion, Asus Laptop, Art And Technology, Interactive Design, Tech News, Smartphone, Gadgets, Touch, Entertainment

Asus Laptops and Desktops to Ship with Leap Motion's Gesture Control

The deal will see computers bundled with a device capable of tracking finger motions with sub-millimeter accuracy.

New patent eliminates cabling disconnects due to worn connectors. Tech News, Cable, Cabo, Electrical Cable

New RJ-45, RJ11 patent eliminates cabling disconnects due to worn connectors.

infographic UEFI strikes again! With the implementation of UEFI boot, have some universal tr. Image Description UEFI strikes again! Social Networks, Social Media, Wearable Computer, Usability Testing, Interview Questions And Answers, Digital Trends, Use Case, Cloud Computing

UEFI strikes again! With the implementation of UEFI boot, have some universal troubleshooting techniques now become more of a problem, than the solution? Live Linux CDs, often used for troubleshooting, may actually render some systems completely inoperable.

Mellanox Technologies - - Mellanox FDR Leaf Blade - Switch - 18 x FDR InfiniBand Qsfp - plug-in module Management Software, Network Switch, Fiber Optic Cable, Network Cable, Cat Health, Gaming Computer, Tv Videos, Stock Market, Module

Mellanox's end-to-end Ethernet solutions reach impressive 100 Gb/sec - TechRepublic

Are you ready for data transfers? Intel is, of course you may need to mortgage the farm to get it on your desktop. Tech News, Light Up, Desktop, Technology, Tech, Tecnologia

Are you ready for 1.6Tbps data transfers? Intel is, of course you may need to mortgage the farm to get it on your desktop.

Proud of your HDTV, new technology for smartphones can deliver to Ultra HD video through MHL cable. Universal Pictures, New Technology, Tech News, 1080p, Cable, Tvs, Smartphone, Hd Video, Image

Silicon Image introduces mobile-device cable tech that can transfer 4K Ultra HD video to TVs

The MHL 3.0 standard supports 4K Ultra HD video over a cable from a smartphone to a TV.

Think your quad-core or six-core processor is state-of-the-art? Think again, IBM is working on a 12 core processor to be used in e-commerce servers. Ibm, Power Series, Tech News, Quad, Prepping, Think, Core, Cloud, Quad Bike

IBM preps its massive 12-headed Power 8 chip

IBM’s Power series chips are one of the last bastions standing against Intel in data centers.

When malware strikes: How to clean an infected PC. Snuffing out viruses and malware is serious business. Network World, Zero Days, Security Tools, Educational News, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Vulnerability, Microsoft, 3d Printing

Just what the world needs, webcams that psychoanalyze the users emotions.