Make Your Own Lace Pottery

Maggie Weldon's artistic lace pottery seems a tailor-made expression of her soul. See our tutorial for creating your own lace pottery.


urban nester: diy decorated plates - plain white plates from the dollar store & sharpie!

DIY: clay jewelry dishes

Make DIY Trinket Dishes with Tropical Leaves

Use our free tutorial to make polymer clay jewelry dishes - crafting DIY trinket dishes only takes a few materials to make something gorgeous

DIY Pattern Plate

what you'll need: *(serving)plates *decor foil for porcelain in different colors * hole punch * a bowl with water * paper kitchen towel * oven * scissors / scalpel

Ceramics by Chloe May Brown

Blue Colored Ceramics by Chloe May Brown

My latest ceramics obsession is the work of Chloe May Brown; an artist who creates beautiful blue colored items for everyday life.