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What does it mean to not feel like you are enough? How do you combat those feelings? Feel Like, Like You, Told You So, You Are Enough, Enough Is Enough, To Tell, Self, This Or That Questions, Feelings

What do I do when I don't feel like I am enough?

What do I do when I don't feel like I am enough? That is a wonderful question because it affects so many of us! The first thing I want to tell you to give you some comfort is: you are not alone with this! Many people feel that they are not enough. But wait a second, what does this actually mean?

Denial is a hard thing to cope with - here are some tips on how to break out of it. Marriage And Family, You Lied, Denial, Self, Thoughts, Feelings, Tips, Ideas, Tanks

Why Denial is Your Worst Enemy?

Vienna-based marriage and family therapist Helen Rudinsky looks at how to recognize if you're in denial, and what to do to break out of it. Are you lying to yourself? Probably. Most of us do. Denial is the most common way we lie to ourselves. We are in denial when we refuse to accept reality, pretending that a painful event, thought, or feeling doesn't exist.

Social Media and comparison are connected in many ways. Here are some thoughts on comparing yourself on social media Great Friends, Vienna, My Life, Self, Relationship, Social Media, Let It Be, Thoughts, Relationships

Comparing Yourself on Social Media

Let me start with a story: Two friends meet to catch up, and they talk about their lives. As the stories unfold, one friend is dissatisfied with her relationship and the other is struggling with a burnout at work. Then the food comes. This means it’s time for 4-6 selfies, preferably with a breathtaking skyline in the background (ok, make that 10 selfies), the #greatfriends #greatfood #greatcatchingup hashtags, and off that selfie and filter goes into the realm of social media. And ten…

How do you manage to feel okay (and even good) amidst failure? Muscle Men, Feel Good, Self, Thoughts, Feelings, Feeling Great Quotes, Muscle Guys, Ideas, Muscular Men

A Quick Note on Failure and Feeling Good Anyway

Several weeks ago, I met with Simon Horowitz, the British muscle man behind the name ‘FitBritVienna,’ to offer up a collaboration to start U!Shine Vienna’s spring season. The two of us came up with what we thought to be a good idea, got our details straight, and set the bar at a limit of thirty participants. My co-founder, Michelle, put it up on Eventbrite and we, as always, eagerly awaited for the ticket sales to come rolling in.

ways that emotions are expressed through various physiological representations in the body. Messages, Texting, Text Posts

Can You Decipher the Messages of the Body?

“And one cannot begin to comprehend how filled up a therapy room can be by emotions: every inch every corner in that which we sit occupying the sadness, the anger, the pressure, the pain. Every inch and every corner filled up, except for the vessel that carries it originally, within the body of the client there is only a void; emptiness.” Throughout my experience working as a psychotherapist under supervision I have encountered remarkable ways in which emotions have been expressed…

How do you develop gratitude? Practice Gratitude, Cards Against Humanity

Developing a Gratitude Practice

Developing a gratitude practice has been one of the best (and easiest) things I’ve done to help myself in my healing journey. It’s such a basic, simple concept that most of us overlook the power it has. In fact, according to a study from Ohio State University, we are hard-wired to focus on the negative (1). We all know that we can have a wonderful day, with one negative encounter with a co-worker, and all we focus on the rest of the day is that one negative, despite the hundreds of…

You wanna cry or be strong? Unrequited Love, Trauma, Our Life, Breakup, Crying, Anxiety, Self, Strong, How To Get

You Want To Cry or Be Strong? Both, Actually.

We all know how pain feels. We all know those moments, when it feels as if an elephant is standing on your chest, refusing to get up. We know how it feels when we try to push it away and the sadness and anxiety that comes with it. We have all experienced it, whether we’re honest about it or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s loss, trauma, a breakup or unrequited love. It’s part of our lives.