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Read more about my thoughts on strangers - link below. Mother Earth, Read More, In This World, Yoga, Thoughts, Link, Movie Posters, Film Poster, Popcorn Posters

Thoughts on strangers

So many strangers. Aren´t we all strangers in this world? Who do we know when we first set foot onto mother earth? Nobody. Protected and shielded in our mother’s womb. All protected. All alone. But– are we really all alone? No. Strangers, sitting in front of each other at a table. The café is packed,…

How to let the right people into your life? Find out more clicking on the link below! Bring It On, Let It Be, Find People, Your Life, Positivity, Yoga, Link, Yoga Tips, Yoga Sayings

Letting the right people into your life

Relatives, friends, acquaintances – all of them people entering our lives for a longer or shorter period of time. Some of them staying. Some of them only for a while. All of them influencing us in one way or another. Every single person will have an impact on you. Will leave something of themselves with…

In India, I tried out hypnosis for the first time. Find out more about what happened in the link below! Gut Feeling, Spiritual Practices, I Tried, First Time, Spirituality, Therapy, Mindfulness, India, Yoga

My hypnosis experience

During my travels through India I got in contact with a lot of spiritual practises. One of them was hypnosis. A practise I didn´t know much about before. I just had a gut feeling I should go and try it out. I had no idea what to expect – and never could have imagined what…

Can a ten days silent meditation - a Vipassana really change your life? Power Of Meditation, Meditation Techniques, Your Life, You Changed, Country Roads, Yoga, Shit Happens, Canning, Yoga Tips

Can a Vipassana change your life?

Vipassana – powerful meditation technique I talked about in last weeks post. If you missed it, find out more about it here! In this post, I want to look back on my experiences and reflect on what changed after the 10 days of my Vipassana mediation were over. I am going to go back to…

Why meditate in silence for 10 days? Meditation Techniques, 10 Days, Peace Of Mind, Buddha, Around The Worlds, Mindfulness, Yoga, Teaching, Yoga Tips

Why meditate in silence for 10 days?

Vipassana – a silent mediation, an ancient meditation technique Buddha used and taught to his students. But what is it exactly? How does it work and why? What is a Vipassana? Vipassana is a meditation technique. Several courses to learn the technique are offered all around the world. These courses can last 1, 3, 7,…

What happens when you repress sexuality? I posed this question when travelling to India, where sexuality is dealt with completely differently than I am used to. I Live You, What Happens When You, India Travel, Travelling, Poses, Yoga, Shit Happens, This Or That Questions, Yoga Tips

What happens when you repress sexuality?

Sex. Something I used to giggle about as a little girl, not really knowing if I could talk about it. A taboo, something you´re taught not to talk about in public. Well, where I live you certainly can. There are more and more open debates, awareness and interest are rising. However, there are other parts…

Learn to trust your intuition! Learning to trust your feelings about people is crucial - and now I want to share my experiences! Trust Me, Trust Yourself, Trust Your Instincts, Learning To Trust, Bad Feeling, Getting To Know You, Intuition, Yoga, Feelings

Learn to trust your intuition!

Being able to trust your instincts, knowing when to trust a person and when to rather walk away can be crucial. Getting to know your inner voice, getting in touch with the very first feeling about a person can be so important when having to come to a decision whether or not to trust someone.…

How Yoga can help you connect with yourself! Find out more about yoga and including it in your daily routine! Normal Life, Self Love, Routine, Connection, Yoga, Canning, Self Esteem, Yoga Tips, Home Canning

How Yoga can help you to connect with yourself

Yoga. I´ve already written a few posts about this beautiful practise, but ever since I came back from my travels, back to “normal life” again, I begin to see more and more how crucial it is to implement yoga in my daily routine. Starting my day with or without yoga makes a very big difference.…

Trapped emotions - we all have them in our body. But how to deal with them properly? Perfect Sense, Pressure Points, Take The First Step, Yoga Teacher Training, My Yoga, Inner Child, Might Have, Talking To You, Our Body

Trapped Emotions

And how important it is to deal with them. During my Yoga Teacher Training in India, I learned about emotional blockages in our body and to never underestimate the power of your emotions. I experienced myself how important it is to deal with them and to eventually let them go. A difficult road Dealing with…

Did you ever wonder what meditation is or how to meditate? Then this post might have the answers and bring some clarity to the question "What do I even do while meditating? Might Have, Change My Life, Self Development, Clarity, Meditation, Bring It On, Yoga, This Or That Questions, Bikinis

The Art of Meditation

Meditation. In last week’s post I talked about how practicing Yoga is changing my life right now (read more about Yoga here) – now I will dig even deeper. Meditation. But what exactly is mediation? Or rather, what is it not? No idea about mediation? For the longest time, I had no idea what the…

How Yoga is changing my life Change My Life, Yoga Teacher, Self Development, Discovery, Grateful, How To Become, About Me Blog, Beautiful

How Yoga is changing my life

Yoga. A practice I didn’t know much about and therefore would consider boring not so long ago. A practice I will now go to India for. To become a certified yoga teacher and to learn more about the philosophy behind it. More than just stretching Until recently, I taught about yoga more as the mere…

Laughing meditation and other group meditations - to connect a group and bring you closer together! Group Meditation, Yoga Teacher Training, My Yoga, Closer, Laughing, Connect, Bring It On, Life, Smile

Laughing meditation

Meditation – something that has helped and continues to help me a lot in my life. During my yoga teacher training in India my classmates and I experienced a lot of different forms of meditation. Especially some group meditations I want to describe in more detail as they are a beautiful tool to unite a…

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh! And why in India? All of these questions and much more in this post! Group Meditation, Chair Pose, Yoga School, Rishikesh, Pranayama, Run Around, Yoga Teacher Training, Ayurveda, Just Go

Why go for a Yoga teacher training?

Going to India to become a yoga teacher? Such a cliché isn´t it? Cliché or not, my three months journey couldn´t have started out better. During my time in the yoga school, I learned a lot about India, about yoga and about myself. And I didn´t just go to any city. I went to Rishikesh…