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Kaiserschmarren – sweet cut-up Austrian pancake with raisins Pastry Dishes, Austrian Recipes, Cut Up, Apple Sauce, Kaiser, Pancakes, French Toast, Wordpress, Pancake

Kaiserschmarren – sweet cut-up Austrian pancake with raisins

Kaiserschmarren is one of the most famous Austrian pastry dishes - and that's no surprise, because it is easy to prepare and extremely delicious. I love it, my husband loves it, everybody loves it- even Emperor Franz Joseph I., who is the name giver of that dish. The name is composed of the two words…

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Apple strudel – recipe # 1

One of the most popular pastries in Austria is apple strudel. The first written recipe dates from the 17th century, and since then a wide variety of apple strudels developed. But apple strudel is not only very popular in Austria, but in a lot of the successor states of the former Habsburg Monarchy. You will…

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Quick Lemon Bundt Cake

A few days ago there was a special offer for lemons and oranges in the supermarket - and of course I could not resist and brought too many of them to make lemonade or similar drinks. So I decided to prepare my wonderful and quick lemon cake. Thus I could use at least two of…

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I love pears. I love them especially when they are sweet, soft and juicy and full of aromatic tastes. When I was I child my grandma hat some bear-trees in her garden and the whole family harvested them. The children - my sister, my cousins and myself - ate as much pears as they could,…

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Homemade Vanilla Sauce

A few days ago I posted a recipe for Dampfnudeln, which I served with vanilla sauce. Today I present you the direction for this perfect companion for yeast dough pastries. This one is not very sweet - so feel free to add more sugar if necessary. But it contains only natural ingredients and serves two.…

Fluffy Pancake with Quark (Topfenschmarren) Pastry Dishes, Austrian Recipes, Fluffy Pancakes, My Recipes, Camembert Cheese, Wordpress, Tasty, Children, Breakfast

Fluffy Pancake with Quark (Topfenschmarren)

In Austria exist a wide variety of sweet pancakes - just think of the famous "Kaiserschmarren" or the "Palatschinken". Today I present you a recipe for pancake made with quark. It is extremely fluffy - almost like a soufflé - but easy and quick to prepare. Moreover, due to the fact that is prepared with…

Zwetschgendatschi – a fantastic plum cake with short pastry base Plum Season, Short Pastry, Pastry Dishes, Austrian Recipes, Plum Cake, Cake Tasting, Yummy Cakes, Wordpress, Tasty

Zwetschgendatschi – a fantastic plum cake with short pastry base

Fall season is plum season. And plums are perfect to make delicious cakes like Zwetschgendatschi. This is the name for a certain kind of sheet cake in Austria and Southern Germany. It either has a yeast dough base or short pastry base. Crumbles are an optional, but definitely very tasty extra. When I made this…

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Gugelhupf – Recipe # 1

What is a coffee without a piece of cake; or better: a piece of Gugelhupf. You can find several variations of this famous ring cake in all Viennese coffeehouses, but it is also served for Sunday breakfast. Normally it is made of yeast dough or a sponge mixture. You can add further ingredients like raisins,…

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Apricot Dumplings made of Quark Dough (Marillenknödel mit Topfenteig)

Hmmm - apricot dumplings. I don't know one person who doesn't love fruit dumplings, which are an important dish in Austrian Cuisine. Children, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles - everybody loves this tasty, sweet course. In Austrian cookbooks fruit dumplings are mentioned firstly in the 19th century - they are a quite "young" dish, but…

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Quark Dumplings (Topfenknödel)

A few days ago I posted a recipe for apricot dumplings made of quark dough. Today I also present you some dumplings made of quark, but with now fruit inside. Instead, quark dumplings are served with "Zwetschgenröster", something similar to plum compote. The recipe and the directions I will post in a few days. The…