More ideas from ROBERT

GREENING – A gentle herald of spring sprouts at the Design-Kiosk. Pluck a flower!

A DUSTY MATTER – A bead curtain at the design-kiosk. The dusty relic of the 70s.

COUNTDOWN – The movie starts! Watch the retrospective at

STRIKE THE KEYS – A swinging piano solo performed at Feel the groove!

FRETLESS AND STRUNG – For all guitar heroes offers a huge choice of acoustic guitars.

BUBBLE SPIRIT - Never underestimate the psychedelic effect of soap bubbles.


PLAYING THE FLUTE – Listen! The silent tune of African flutes sounds at the Design-Kiosk. Meet the pure ethno enjoyment in green and yellow.

RETRO EGGS – Layed in the 70s, stored in the cooling shelf at, they are still fresh.

HIGH FIVE – Only five seconds until the beginning of the movie. Find the t-shirt subject at the Design-Kiosk.

UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE – Last Christmas I gave you my heart, this year you will get some chameleons.

TERRA-COTTA – Classically styled and digitized clay tiles are offered by the Design-Kiosk.

INVASION – A frog never comes singly. The amphibians-gang besieges spreadshirt.

ON THE BASS – Clean out your ears! A funky bass-theme booms at the Design-Kiosk.

BOTTLED – A visit in the in-house bodega at

FRAGMENTS – Mystic signs set in stone. The riddle regarding their meanings will be solved at the Design-Kiosk.