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Super-Temporary Restaurant Serves Dinners In Trains And Bathrooms

Just when pop-up restaurants were starting to bore the hell out of us, we received an email from the people behind Wilddineren (Wild Dining), a super-temporary not-for-profit restaurant that serves unconventional dinners at even more unconventional locations.

Dunne & Raby

Photo by Urbanshit

Vending Machine Dispenses Urban Farm Eggs

Hamburg urban farm Hühnerhof der Motte launches the Egg-o-Matt, a vending machine that dispenses free-range chicken eggs to the local community.

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Crooked Works

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Object Research Lab

Object Research Lab

Share thoughts on objects, things and artefacts. Artistic research titel: Relational and performative abilities of things.

Rachel Wingfield, WIRED Innovation Fellow 2014


Bureau Europa

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Table II: Timbre

An installation in wood on the cyclic nature of materials, places and crafts. Tree: bamboo, balsa, birch, beech, cedar, lemon, pine, douglas pine, ebony, maple, oak, ash, Norway spruce, golden chai...

Arne Hendriks

Production line | Rebecca Beinart | Axisweb

A live performance developed for Field Broadcast's 'Caddy LIfe: an improvisation series'. With thanks to Rebecca Lee and Rebecca Gamble for collaborating on this performance. Caddy Life was a new series of broadcasts developed through conversation and experimentation in PRIMARY House (Nottingham), a road trip touring tunnels, rocks and television masts in a hired family car and the desktops of the viewer's computers. The broadcasts were received through the downloadable Caddy Life Software…

Studio Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde is the social design lab of Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde. Together with his team of designers and engineers Roosegaarde creates ‘Landscapes of the Future’ for a better world. The studio connects people, technology and space to improve daily life in urban environments and spark imagination.