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"Spreadable Media maps fundamental changes taking place in our contemporary media environment. It contrasts “stickiness”—aggregating attention in centralized places—with “spreadability”—dispersing content widely through both formal and informal networks,some approved, many unauthorized. Stickiness has been the measure of success in the broadcast era (and has been carried over to the online world), but “spreadability” describes the ways content travels through social media."

New Media & Culture JOUR 4551
The Viral Texts Project from Northwestern University examines news stories, short fiction, and poetry that “go viral” in nineteenth-century newspapers and magazines. David Smith, Northwestern University, Book Projects, Data Visualization, News Stories, Globes, 19th Century, Texts, Maps

Here's How Memes Went Viral — In the 1800s

Hundreds of long-forgotten texts that went viral in the 19th century are being discovered by a new collaboration of humanities scholars and computer scientists. The Infectious Texts project is mining digitized newspapers to identify these texts and study how they spread and the country grew and technology changed the flow of information.

How much money are social networks making from your UGC (User Generated Content)? as always there a nice inforgraphic to help us out! Web Social, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Poster, Social Media Tips, Social Networks

"Users generating online content are often interested in expanding their own audience and reputation. They may measure their success by how many followers they attract on Twitter, just as television executives value the number of eyeballs their programs attract." pg 59

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"Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from the body to body via sperm of eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain via a process which, in the broad sense, can be called imitation." pg. 18

But what does this mean for news? If news is growing more social, how does Jenkins’ notion of spreadability work for traditional media? And how can traditional media harness user energy to make content not just meaningful but also profitable? Media Studies, Equality, Conversation, Interview, Content, Traditional, Shit Happens, News, Social Equality

Why spreadable doesn’t equal viral: A conversation with Henry Jenkins

For years, academic Henry Jenkins has been talking about the connections between mainstream content and user-produced content. From his post as the founder and former co-director of the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT, Jenkins published Convergence Culture, which is about what happens when…

"The Susan Boyle phenomenon would not have played out in the same way if not for the relationship and communities facilitated by social network sites, media sharing tools and micro-blogging platforms." pg. 11 Viral Videos, Platforms, Blogging, Relationship, Social Media, Tools, Inspiration, Biblical Inspiration, Relationships

"The Susan Boyle phenomenon would not have played out in the same way if not for the relationship and communities facilitated by social network sites, media sharing tools and micro-blogging platforms." pg. 11

Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture (Postmillennial Pop) by Henry Jenkins Other authors: Sam Ford, Joshua Green NYU Press Hardcover, 352 pages Social Media Marketing Books, Social Media Tips, Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Ford, Participatory Culture, Pop Book, Communication

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Online piracy is a serious problem and this infographic covers interesting facts and statistics about online piracy. Social Networks, Social Media Marketing, Internet, Ethical Issues, Web 2.0, Apps, Always Learning, Music Industry, New Tricks

"In fact, one of the problems of the current use of "piracy" is that it shortcuts important conversations we should all be having about the economic and culturally impact of different types of media sharing." pg. 15

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"Spreadable Media proposes an approach to media production, promotion and circulation which encourages a greater respect for the agency of grassroots participation, calling attention to the clashes occurring as media texts move between commercial and noncommercial spheres." Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, The Agency, The Clash, Respect, Texts, Meant To Be, Promotion, Encouragement, Commercial

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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