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Top 250 Internet Retailer on Social Media [Infographic] digital-marketing-infographics Inbound Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Marketing Digital, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Marketing Ideas, Social Business

Who Are the Top Retailers on Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's become practically mandatory that brands incorporate social media into their business strategy, causing retailers to compete for popularity in stores and on the Internet, too.

A look inside Leap Motion, the gesture control that's like Kinect on steroids. A must-watch demo! Cool Technology, Technology Gadgets, Tech Gadgets, Cool Gadgets, Futuristic Technology, Energy Technology, Medical Technology, Leap Motion, Verge

A look inside Leap Motion, the 3D gesture control that's like Kinect on steroids

Leap Motion's not the household name Kinect is, but it should be — the company's motion-tracking system is more powerful, more accurate, smaller, cheaper, and just more impressive. Leap CTO David...

Education vs Experience (in the startup community.) Do entrepreneurs need to go to college? Education College, Higher Education, College Counseling, College Success, Business Education, College Tips, University Life, Social Business, Instructional Design

Education vs Experience In The Startup Community [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to starting up a tech company, what matters more to investors? A degree from an actual university or a degree from the University of Life? The popular myth is that you can build a huge Internet empire from your parents garage after school in the evenings and by the time you're in your teens, you're ready to match Mark Zuckerberg's bank balance.

Recommended read How tiny Estonia stepped out of USSR's shadow to become an internet titan. Ap Human Geography, Bus Tickets, Lead The Way, In Case Of Emergency, Economic Development, European Countries, Interesting Reads, Go Outside, Ukraine

How tiny Estonia stepped out of USSR's shadow to become an internet titan

The European country where Skype was born made a conscious decision to embrace the web after shaking off Soviet shacklesEesti keel | Estonian language version

Saw this view of Alcatraz in San Francisco (it was foggy but I could see it! The Places Youll Go, Places To See, Most Haunted Places, Places In America, City Pass, San Fransisco, San Francisco Bay, Places To Travel, National Parks

Jailbreaking the Degree – TechCrunch

Jailbreak verb. 1 To get out of a restricted mode of operation. 2 To enable use of a product not intended by the manufacturer. Currently, the degree is the only meaningful “unit” of education to which employers give any credence. Of this dependency, TIME magazine writes, “The tight connection between college degrees and economic success may be a nearly unquestioned part of our social order. Future generations may look back and shudder at the cruelty of it… It is inefficient, both because it…

How Ryan Carson lost body fat while launching startup and raising kids. Weight Loss Secrets, Weight Loss Plans, Easy Weight Loss, Healthy Weight Loss, Reduce Belly Fat, Reduce Weight, How To Lose Weight Fast, Weight Loss Supplements, Get In Shape

The Naive Optimist — How I lost 10% body fat, while launching a startup...

How I lost 10% body fat, while launching a startup (and raising kids) I spent my entire high school, college and post-college years being slightly ashamed of my body. I finally decided enough was...

The 4 day work week Web Application Development, Web Development, 4 Day Work Week, Programming Languages, Interesting Reads, Coding, Inspiration, Biblical Inspiration, Inspirational

The Naive Optimist — We work a 4-day week and just raised $4.75m

We work a 4-day week and just raised $4.75m I think there’s something messed up about the startup culture in the USA. The belief is that you have to work 6-7 days a week and spend all your mental...

The Best Annual Tech Startup Events In Europe – TechCrunch Google Calendar, Event Organiser, Business Intelligence, Le Web, Interesting Reads, Europe, Tech, Good Things, Events

The Best Annual Tech Startup Events In Europe – TechCrunch

Well, I guess I'm about to be shot down here. For a while I've been contemplating a post about all the annual events in Europe which are specifically relevant to tech startups. Now when I say that, I do not mean hacker meetups in bars, or monthly events in various European cities. I mean Annual conferences and events where you will find startups, tech entrepreneurs and investors either milling about at a big general event on innovation (like DLD) or pitching on stage at a conference like Le…

A Conversation With Richard Branson Richard Branson Quotes, Types Of People, Interesting Reads, Business Advice, Conversation, Inspirational Quotes, How To Plan, Feelings, Reading

It’s all about finding and hiring people smarter than you. Getting them to join your business. And giving them good work. Then getting out of their way. And trusting them. You have to get out of the way so YOU can focus on the bigger vision. That’s important. And here’s the main thing… you must make them see their work as a MISSION.