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In her unique curation, Kate Arend’s selection of works featuring Saatchi Art artists examines life’s second acts. The artwork selected explores themes of…
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A painting of a close up of flowers in bloom. Ideas, Art, Inspiration, Nature, Floral, Flowers, Floral Watercolor, Floral Art, Watercolor Ideas
Hyperrealism Floral Painting | Parting Company by Lissa Banks
Simple beauty is captured in the flower's bloom. Acrylic on Canvas 36 W x 24 H x 0.8 D in Minimalism, Floral Art, Gifts for Mom, Springtime, Realism, Unique Painting
Two unique figures are seen in an embrace. Tela, Portrait, Art Photography, Love Painting, Abstract, Artist, Artworks, Artwork
Motherly Love by Zsolt Malasits
What love looks like. Oil on Canvas 15.7 W x 19.7 H x 0.8 D in Folk art, rustic home decor, gifts for mom, eclectic wall art, surrealism, surreal painting
A woman sits in a chair. A dog sits beside her. The room is bright, with salmon colored walls. The art is eclectic and feels collected over time. Design, Play, Wit, Kate, Wit And Delight, Sanat, Décor, Aesthetic
Art for Warm, Whimsical Design | Kate Arends
Discover art curated by Kate Arend's to help you achieve uplifiting, character-filled walls. Wit & Delight Kate Arends' work explores the relationship between our mental well-being and our environment, expressing individuality within the home, making room for creativity in everyday life, and the connections between art, design, and wellness. Her design choices and art selections in her own home reflects her beliefs—feeling warm, cozy, and highly personal. Photography by Suruchi Avasthi
Artist Lisa Krannichfeld | Maximalist Portrait Art
The final resin pour brings the colors and patterns to life in Lisa Krannichfeld's bright and playful portrait painting. Discover her whimsical and energetic artwork on Saatchi Art.
A modern colorful landscape with a fresh atmospheric feel and contemporary color palette featuring a vibrant blue sky above distant hills and a lush green field of orange red poppies. Inspiring Art, Summer, Fresh, Oil On Canvas, Poppy Field, Landscape
Field of Poppies by Suzanne Vaughan
Inspired by wide open spaces, this landscape captures the fresh energy and vitality of a Summer day in the countryside. Oil on Canvas 30 W x 30 H x 1.5 D in Minimalism, Realism, Inspiring Art, Hopeful Landscape
A close up of a blue flower, in contrast to a bright orange background. Original Paintings, Art Prints, Fine Art, Original Art, Art Ink, Different Art Styles
Iris XIV by Stéphanie de Malherbe
The iris flower is transformed and simplified in an artful, graphic way. Acrylic on Paper 19.7 W x 25.6 H x 0.1 D in F rustic home, warm color palettes, expressionism, illustration, abstract art, expressive wall art
A woman in bright yellow feeds hens and collects eggs. The painting is in a playful illustrative style. Illustrators, Folk Art, Mixed Media Canvas, Crafts, Wall Art, Art Pictures
Meanwhile the Sun is Always Shining by Hiranya
Simplicity brings true joy to life. This painting celebrates the simple things. Mixed Media on Canvas 40 W x 30 H x 0.5 D in Portrait painting, illustration art, pattern play, eclectic wall art, folk art
A dining room filled with charm. Dining Room, Interior, Kate Arends, Mismatched Chairs, Dining, Chair, Vintage Dining Room
Eclectic Vintage Dining Room Design
Mismatched chairs and tables, bright white walls, and a statement artwork with character to tie it altogether. Discover art to make a statement with Wit & Delight's Kate Arends curated selections for Saatchi Art. Photography by Suruchi Avasthi
An exaggerated form leans over the earth, waiting to harvest a vegetable. Diy Artwork, Art Style, Graphic
Waiting by Gabriele Luise Koch | Surreal Illustration
Symbolism abounds in this graphic portrait, inspiring hope, and good fortune. Oil on Canvas 43.3 W x 63 H x 1.6 D in Surrealism, folk art, rustic home, whimsical wall decor, portraiture, warm palettes
The painting depicts a crowd of people in neutral earthy tones. 2d, Pop, People, Composition Painting
The Room No. 175 by Erna Ucar
The Room Series is about modern people, the relationships I observe in my immediate environment, popular culture and media, and the idiosyncratic moods of crowds from different cultures. Acrylic on Canvas 59.1 W x 59.1 H x 0.1 D in Pop art, figurative art, maximalism, eclectic wall art, illustration, graphite