24 Artists to Collect in 2024

At Saatchi Art, it’s our mission to help you discover and buy work from the best emerging artists around the world. This year, our curators have identified 24…
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Minimalist Abstract Art by Justin Kim
“Everything is connected, and everything is happening all at once.”⁠ ⁠ This universal interconnectedness spurs Justin Kim’s abstract paintings—while meticulous in pattern, each line, color, and texture is nuanced to remind us of the individual’s identity and chance in the human experience. ⁠Explore his work on his Saatchi Art portfolio.
A minimalist landscape with surreal motifs. Manicured bushes sit against a wall of color, taken out of their usual context. Photo Art, 2d, Landscape Paintings, Red Painting
Red by Olga Szczechowska | Surreal Landscape Painting
This painting focuses on the relationship between nature and humans, closely observing how we shape nature in our backyards. Acrylic on Canvas 11.8 W x 15.7 H x 0.8 D in Surrealism, Landscape Painting, Surreal Art, Illustrative, Garden Party, Whimsical Home Decor, Surreal Wall Art
A woman's face stands stands in stark contrast with a playful patterned backdrop. Inspiration, African Artwork, African Art, Expressive Art, African Artists, Artist Art, Portrait Art, African American Art
Unique by Oluwafemi Akanmu
An illustration of the beauty and strength of an African woman. Acrylic on Canvas 24 W x 32 H x 0.1 D in Modern, Pop Art, Realism, Woman Porait, Surreal Art, Maximalism, African Artist, Tribal Pattern
In the Artist Studio with Marlene Lowden
Abstract artist Marlene Lowden dances between translucency and opacity, using layers of oil paint to give life to her compositions. This painting began as organic shapes drawn from blind contour sketches of ferns, bark, and shells found in the West Coast rainforest and the Pacific Ocean. Discover her full portfolio on Saatchi Art.
As viewed from above, a blue tennis court becomes a minimalist composition through the photographer's eye. Photography, Instagram, Pop, Photographic Art, Fine Art
Court I by Alejandra Valdivia | Minimalism Photographic Art
Aerial shots of different sites in Chile and Miami. The images create abstract landscapes broken down by repetition, scale, parallel lines, and negative space. Archival ink on paper 15.3 W x 21.5 H x 0.1 D in Minimalism, Wall Art, Birds Eye View Art, Photography, Digital Art, Fine Art Wall Print, Photography Ideas
2 sisters pose for the artist. One lays her head in the other's lap. They're depicted in black and white, contrasting their bold magenta background. Ink, Draw, Female Images, Drawing Reference, Artist, Drawings
Sisterhood 2 by Selin Çeliktaş
Selin examines the image of women shaped by the male gaze, juxtaposing color, pattern, and art style. Oil on Canvas 51.2 W x 47.2 H x 1.6 D in Portraiture, Woman Portrait, Realism, Geometric Art, Realistic Painting, Romantic, Inspiring Wall Art
Sprouting from a woman's head is a bouquet of flowers and hands in this uncanny composition. Surrealism Painting, Art Oil, Surrealism Art, Oil On Canvas, Original Paintings
Rebloom by Nazlı Arman Taterer
"We are so like flowers; hope blooms where flowers bloom." Oil on Canvas 24.8 W x 37.4 H x 0.8 D in Cubism, Contemporary Art, Figurative, Surrealism, Portraiture, Surreal Painting, Eclectic Home Decor, Art to Inspire
A playful composition in an subdued earthy palette depicting florals and simple patterns. Flowers, Daily Painting, Buy Art, Artwork, Art Buyer, Floral Art, Fall Flowers
Fall Flowers by Hunter Hogan
Simplicity and natural tones make for a comforting domestic scene. Acrylic on Canvas 40 W x 46 H x 1.5 D in Contemporary Painting, Pattern Play, Floral Art, Still Life, Minimalism, Folk Decor, Rustic Home, Surreal
The artist reveals his sculpture inside his studio. The artworks are abstract and create geometric shapes. Metal, Home Décor, Wood, Wood Construction, Steel, Artist Studio, Saatchi Art
Artist Studio | Industrial Sculptor Nikolaus Weiler
Nikolaus Weiler explores the tension between dynamics, movement, and change in his metal and wood constructions. Stainless Steel on Wood 10.6 W x 13.4 H x 9.8 D in