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South Korean artist Haejin Lee creates ceramic sculptures that are unraveling right before your eyes. Her pieces push the envelope of human.

Gips Hände als Kerzenständer verwenden

We used a food-grade alginate, a water-based skin-safe molding powder, to cast hand molds. (Don't put your hands in the plaster of Paris; it can cause burns.

Birds on a branch; I think this may be ceramic or paper clay but I'm thinking polymer

~Birds on a branch; This may be ceramic or paper clay but I'm thinking polymer. Or maybe needle felting would be easiest?

This is Such a Brilliant Idea and I Couldn’t Wait To Make One! (Video)

Clay Pot Succulent Sphere There is no Tutorial for this Succulent Clay Pot Sphere but you can read the Tutorial above for a Claypot Wreath that shows you how to attach Clay Pots to each other. You can also make a Succulent Ball as an alternative.