More ideas from Rob
Mashu by on @DeviantArt

My PoV during our date u //// u I want to draw more Mashu and probably Nobu soon! I ditched the Nero sketch I did last year lol This art might loo.

Second Nanoha MoT by on @DeviantArt

My Second MoT of Takamachi Nanoha, aka The White Devil. Second Nanoha MoT

Ultimate Badass Adorable by on @DeviantArt

but don't underestimate they have more firepower than an Imperial Star Destroyer and wil.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica by on @DeviantArt

Yeah, I'm actually seriously thinking about watching this series, though I know it will break my mind and heart. Homura-chan is just too much of.

Mahou Commando Homura by on @DeviantArt

Okay this is Totally his fault, sending me pictures and insipring me to make more posters, if you have complains, give them to him XD Haha damn I just l.

Kiss by on @DeviantArt

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