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8 Biggest Challenges facing Creative Teams – from Conception to Completion Direct Mail, Big Challenge, Infographics, Challenges, Concept, Creative, Face, Direct Mailer, Infographic

8 Biggest Challenges facing Creative Teams – from Conception to Completion

Magazines and Social Media - To help you understand what readers want to see and engage with on social media, here is a compiled stellar social stats to help you get started. Social Media Tips, Social Networks, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Stats, Twitter Tips, Social Media Influencer, Social Platform, Digital Media

Magazines & Social Media. Ever wonder what is the most popular social platform for magazine readers to engage with? Or whether you should really have a Facebook page for your publication? Check out our infographic to learn how magazine fans and readers want to interact with their favorite magazine brands on social media.

Direct mail & digital marketing together, drive revenue growth Turn Up, Your Turn, Direct Mail, Powerful Words, Digital Marketing, Infographics, Design Inspiration, Business, Direct Mailer

Direct mail & digital marketing together, drive revenue growth

Don’t forget to use direct mail in your marketing mix. A well thought out direct mail campaign coupled with other marketing channels can significantly increase your success rate. This infographic shows some great reason why you should use direct mail.

4 Ways Events Can Benefit Your Organization - Customer Engagement, Direct Mail, Brand Building, Lead Generation, Infographics, Benefit, How To Memorize Things, Positivity, Relationship

4 Ways Events Can Benefit Your Organization

Events are powerful! They provide your organization with an opportunity to create a lasting impression with clients and prospects by allowing people to experience and interact with your organization. Events position your organization in the mind of the customer and are the strongest means of communicating and interacting with your customer. Let’s take a look at some of the ways your organization can benefit from hosting an event. Brand Awareness– Like any marketing activity, one of the…

7 Steps for Creating Branded Content for Your Company Culture Direct Mail, Creating A Brand, Infographics, How To Become, Content, Culture, Create, Direct Mailer, Infographic

7 Steps for Creating Branded Content for Your Company Culture

Your company culture is a unique aspect that separates you from your competition. It can be a powerful motivator in convincing customers and prospects to do business with you. How can you leverage your company culture to generate content for your marketing campaign? As a marketer, you’ve probably experienced the evasive attitudes customers and prospects have to the traditional sales pitch. Once they are aware they have become a target, they become disengaged and, even worse, no longer…

Teaser lines draw your customers in. Learn to capture their attention.hook, line and sinker! Marketing Guru, Direct Mail, Call To Action, In Writing, Teaser, Channel, Infographics, This Or That Questions, Draw

Writing Effective Cross-Channel Teasers

Studies have presented results ranging from 247 to more than 3,000 as the number of offers and marketing messages we encounter in one day. Truth is, we don’t notice that we’ve even been exposed to half of them. If we were to believe the lower number of 247, you begin to get the picture of how difficult it is to grab, let alone keep, the attention of a consumer. What to do? Among other things, you MUST have teaser lines that work! Whether it’s for their inbox or their mailbox, your audience…

Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 1 Direct Mail Advertising, Emotional Connection, Direct Sales, Lead Generation, Real Estate Marketing, Coding, Facts, Map, Lettering

Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 1

Part 1: Four Advantages to Direct Mail Direct Mail is useful to all businesses no matter the size or industry. In fact, 60% of consumers in the U.S. are saying that they love checking the mail because it enforces their emotional connection to a specific company. The top four benefits of Direct Mail advertising are visibility, flexibility, measurability and the ability to personalize. Direct Mail can be targeted, eye-catching, interactive and allows you to connect with your client. Whether…

Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 2 Direct Mail, Mail Marketing, Coding, Map, Infographics, Direct Mailer, Infographic, Location Map, Maps

Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 2

Part 2: Testing and Tracking Direct Mail Campaigns First and foremost, in tracking the results a specific direct mail campaign be sure to offer different ways for your customer to reach or reply to you. By giving customers incentives like bringing in the mail piece, mentioning the promotion or calling a specific toll-free number it allows your company to easily track the responses through these particular avenues. Other ways to provide customers with a call to action would be to direct them…

How Social Networkers interact with direct mail. - Direct Mailing Marketing - Ideas of Direct Mailing Marketing - This infographic looks at how users of social media interact with direct mail. Mail Marketing, Direct Marketing, Marketing Digital, Internet Marketing, Marketing And Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Ideas, Online Marketing, Web Social

Direct Mail 2.0 - From Online to Offline - | Ritters Communications

In the wake of digital marketing, direct mail has become a marketing tool that is making a remarkable comeback. Did you know that consumers who have used a social networking site in the past 12 months are 29% more likely to be heavy responders to Direct Mail than any other media channel? Let’s look at some of the best practices when integrating your online marketing efforts with direct mail to boost your marketing ROI. Consistent Branding to Get Noticed: Your online and offline marketing…

Build a Stronger Direct Mail Campaign Checklist Direct Marketing, Real Estate Marketing, Marketing And Advertising, Marketing Ideas, Marketing Tools, Direct Mail, Business Planning, Business Management, Marketing Materials

Direct mail campaign checklist for your use

Are you taking advantage of the benefits of direct mail in your marketing campaign? Use our checklist to help guide you through creating a direct mail marketing campaign that will be sure to leave an impact.

Funny pictures about Grammar goofs that make you look silly. Oh, and cool pics about Grammar goofs that make you look silly. Also, Grammar goofs that make you look silly. Info Board, English Grammar, Teaching English, English Language, Language Arts, Learn English, English Today, English Teachers, English Tips

The Importance of Good Grammar

We love engaging with our customers online, and with all the content that we share, we have come to realize one important thing: Grammar Counts. There are some grammatical rules can you can bend like starting a sentence with “and” or “but” (and enjoy flying in the face of your 5th grade English teacher); dropping the occasional split infinitive (to boldly go where no marketer has gone before); and ending a sentence with a preposition (in an effort to avoid speaking like Yoda). We’re pretty…