oohhh, a good way to get tom to eat stuff with his noodles.

Pin for Later: 61 Food Art Ideas For Kids That Are Almost Too Cute to Eat Dolphin Tale This blueberry and banana creation makes for a great party snack.

Create an Eggo Waffle garden with fruit for a delicious breakfast or lunch your kids will love! Recipe courtesy of Dolly Varvis.

One Crafty Thing's melon and grape bouquet doubles as dining room decor.

food art: a fruity caterpillar snack for kids (Meet the Dubiens)

The easiest—and cutest—bento box art idea: Hungry Caterpillar grape skewers

Hard boiled egg snowman (using carrots for hat and nose, I think peppercorns for eyes and buttons. Presumably held together by a toothpick)

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