Sara Rahbar

Collection by Ouroborus


Born in Teheran in 1976, lives and works in New York

asylum-art: “Sara Rahbar Born in Tehran, Sara Rahbar is a contemporary mixed media artist living and working in New York. Rahbar pursued an interdisciplinary study program in New York and also studied. Teheran, Illustration Art, Sculpture, Sculptures, Sculpting, Statue, Carving

CONFESSIONS | sararahbar

Nothing left to win, Nothing left to lose/white bronze/27x20x24/2014

mysite Confessions, Flag, Science, Flags

CONFESSIONS | sararahbar

America Sweet America/ 2011/ 41.5x 68 inches/mixed media

Falling apart and coming back together cm in total Triptych, Falling Apart, Confessions, Tri Fold Brochure, 3 Piece Art

CONFESSIONS | sararahbar

Falling apart and coming back together again/2011-2013/triptych/173x316 cm in total

Tu recepcja - Sara Rahbar The victor, 2014 You. Art Calendar, Art Fair, Online Art, Decorative Bells, Dubai, Contemporary Art, Candle Holders, Place Card Holders, Artist

CONFESSIONS | sararahbar

The victor/(legs) H 49x w 16 x d 9,(head) H13x w13 x d 6/mixed media/2014

mysite 206 Bones, Cannon

206 BONES | sararahbar

Balance/mixed media/43x24x10 inches/2013

Carbon 12 at Art Dubai Carbon 12, Lovers Art, Bronze, Fine Art, Dubai, Artist, March, Journal, Artists

CONFESSIONS | sararahbar

holding on to nothing but you/bronze with black wax/55L x 6W x 5H Inches/2014

mysite 206 Bones, Decor, Decoration, Decorating, Deco

206 BONES | sararahbar

Closer/mixed media/L64 x W20 x D15 Inches/2015

Flag # Vahed (the one) 2008 Country, Cards, Flags, Rural Area, National Flag, Country Music, Maps, Playing Cards

FLAGS | sararahbar

Flag # 35, Vahed (the one) 71x47, 2008

Flag of opportunity/mixed Outdoor Blanket, Flags, Bohemian, American, Campaign, Textiles, Website, Usa, Random

FLAGS | sararahbar

Flag#12/Land of opportunity/mixed media/66x38 Inches/2008-2013

flag All that i saw resembled you, textiles mixed Playing Cards, Holiday Decor, Flags, Jalousies, Playing Card Games, National Flag, Game Cards, Playing Card

FLAGS | sararahbar

flag #33 All that i saw resembled you, textiles mixed media,2008, 116x57

Sara Rahbar - Memories without Recollection, Flag - Mixed Media Flag Quilt, Stitch Witchery, Flag Art, Sewing Art, Textile Artists, Elementary Art, Art Day, New Art, Fiber Art

FLAGS | sararahbar

Flag#19/ Memories without Recollection/ 80x46 Inches/2008