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Extraordinary People

Collection by Pee Jay


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Pee Jay
Fawzia Koofi is the first woman to ever become the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament in the history of Afghanistan. Badass Women, Fierce Women, Strong Women, Extraordinary People, Amazing People, Woman Smile, People Change, Great Women, Letters

Fawzia Koofi - TheXtraordinary

Fawzia Koofi is the first-ever woman to serve as Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament in the history of Afghanistan. The fact that she survived being left to die under the sun is a true testament to her courage. She would have to prove that courage over and over again as she has dodged threats to her life and insults just for being a woman. At 39 years old in 2014, she hasn’t yet reached the required age to run for the seat, so she sets out to do so four years from now.

Meet the extraordinary woman of Maasai community, Kakenya Ntaiya. She became the first woman in her community to complete a college degree. She gave back to her Maasai Community by establishing The Kakenya Center for Excellence. American Pride, American History, Black Fist, Extraordinary People, Cultural Diversity, People Change, African Diaspora, Iconic Women, Giving Back

Kakenya Ntaiya - TheXtraordinary

What we take for granted, the women in Kakenya Ntaiya’s village are denied. As members of the Maasai community, Kakenya and her fellow women were looked down upon by the men of their society. In a way, their cultural customs discourage a woman’s success: before women even reach high school, they are married-off and relegated to a life of service to their husband and children. But Kakenya fought her way to college, and eventually became the first Maasai woman to do so. And, because women do…

Martha Ryan is a registered nurse who founded the “Homeless Prenatal Program” to help end childhood poverty. World On Fire, Extraordinary People, People Change, Single Parenting, Every Woman, Change The World, Human Rights, Role Models, Things To Think About

Martha Ryan - TheXtraordinary

What hope is there for children whose mothers are addicted to drugs, homeless or otherwise desperate? They are so absorbed in their misery that they don’t pay enough attention to the babies they are carrying. Or, maybe they care, but their lives are so off-track they don’t know what it’s like to love another human being anymore. We can only give what we have. And, speaking of giving, nobody does it better than Martha Ryan, a registered nurse who founded the “Homeless Prenatal Program” to…

Marlice van Vuuren is definitely not afraid of the wild. Growing up with wildlife impressed a deep love for the animals in her heart. Wildlife Photography, Film Photography, Extraordinary People, Wildlife Conservation, Savannah Chat, The Help, Africa, Chameleons

Marlice van Vuuren - TheXtraordinary

Marlice van Vuuren is definitely not afraid of the wild; growing up with wildlife instilled a deep love for animals in her heart. Her love for them is so strong that she has lived most of her life caring for her lions, cheetahs, vultures, baboons and hyenas. Not your usual pets? Truth is, they aren’t her pets either. They are her family. She co-founded the “N/a’an ku sê Foundation” with her doctor husband, which gave way to wildlife conservation projects and livelihood initiatives for the…

Meet Our Green-Thumbed Creative Geniuses : This group of 10 hobbiests, expert gardeners and horticulturists challenge us to try new things in the garden every single year. Ted Speakers, Green Ground, Extraordinary People, People Of Interest, People Change, Diy Network, Bring It On, Challenges, Backyard

Ron Finley - TheXtraordinary

Ron Finley is not your typical gardener; his garden transformed the lives of many in his barren community in South Central Los Angeles. Prior to his initiative, he and his neighbors had to drive for over 45 minutes just to buy fresh produce. So, to save money on gas and beautify his front lawn, he began planting food himself. He was apprehended, but 900 signatures managed to get authorities off his back. Ron co-founded an organization to put gardens in South Central L.A. He remains a humble…

Why do Olmec heads and figures have African features if no African cultures had reached Mexico at that time? Extraordinary People, People Change, Native American Tribes, African Culture, No Response, South America, Brazil, Mexico, Meet

Almir Narayamoga Surui - TheXtraordinary

As tribe leader, Chief Almir Narayamoga Surui had to do something to save “Paiter Surui,” his niche in the Amazon Forest. Loggers did not give up easily, considering the century-old trees they hoped to bring in. When this Surui Chief began to act against logging, a bounty was put on his head, forcing him to leave his people for seven months. More determined than ever, Chief Almir kept his partnership with Google Earth Outreach and has found a way to liberate his people from loggers through a…

Sheltering Books, Inc. was started by teenager Mackenzie Bearup to provide quality like new books to homeless chiildren living in shelters in the US. Swollen Knee, Make A Flyer, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Psychology Degree, Extraordinary People, Sick Kids, People Change, Women In History, Helping People

Mackenzie Bearup - TheXtraordinary

Mackenzie Bearup may seem unfortunate for having been diagnosed to have an incurable disease known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She, however, did not let this disability keep her from doing extraordinary things, like providing kids with distraction to help them cope with their emotional distress and physical pain. After discovering how books made her feel better despite the pain, she started a book drive that is now known as Sheltering Books. She just turned 18, so we could expect more…

Mallika Dutt was born in India, a place where women are relegated next to men in the social hierarchy. Seeing the violence around her had Mallika purs. Human Rights Organizations, Women In Leadership, Extraordinary People, People Change, Public Service, Every Woman, Social Justice, Lawyer, Celebrities

Mallika Dutt - TheXtraordinary

Mallika Dutt was born in India, a place where the status of women has long been, and remains, a complex matter. Having seen around her the challenges to and violence against women and other marginalized groups, Dutt pursued a career in social justice. She became a lawyer and dedicated her profession to working for women’s and human rights. Based on the notion that pop culture and arts — in different ways from law and policy — can profoundly influence people and move them into action, she…

We can’t argue with Hugh Herr, a double amputee, who says that he’s no disable. Sci Fi Armor, Extraordinary People, People Change, Pre And Post, Search And Rescue, Decir No, Climbers, Php, Purpose

Hugh Herr - TheXtraordinary

We can’t argue with Hugh Herr, a double amputee, who says he’s not disabled. First of all, he’s a professional climber; secondly, when he walks using prosthetics he created himself, you really can’t tell from his gait. Hugh Herr currently directs the Biomechatronics research group at MIT Media Lab, and we owe him for the first-ever intelligent prosthetics, which utilize bionics to work like real body parts. His company, “iWalk,” has helped veterans, amputees, and stroke victims get their…

 Laura Stachel is the co-founder of the non-profit WE CARE Solar. Together with her husband, Hal Aronson, they launched the organization to provide. Extraordinary People, People Change, Co Founder, Lighting System, Non Profit, Girl Scouts, Product Launch, Meet, Organization

Laura Stachel - TheXtraordinary

Dr. Laura Stachel is the co-founder of the non-profit organization “WE CARE Solar.” She and her husband, Hal Aronson, launched the organization to provide sustainable lighting systems to hospitals and clinics in developing countries where mortality rates due to childbirth are high. The “Solar Suitcase” units they have distributed to 27 countries have saved thousands of patients so far, even beyond mothers and their babies. The solar lighting system now enables clinics which lack electricity…

Daniella Dimitrova Russo is one of the founders of Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global initiative that seeks to educate and mobilize the public to b. Extraordinary People, Plastic Pollution, People Change, Co Founder, Famous Women, Innovation, Public, Meet

Daniella Russo - TheXtraordinary

Daniella Dimitrova Russo was a co-founder of the “Plastic Pollution Coalition,” a global initiative which seeks to raise awareness of how irresponsible use of plastic is ruining the planet and inspire people to take action. While serving as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies, Daniella saw the need for change when she realized how plastic has been infiltrating even the most remote areas of the planet. She launched “Think Beyond Plastic,” her own way of doing her share to make sure sure…

Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Attiya is faced with a daunting task—he needs to make sure that Qatar is able to become self-sufficient by the year Qatar’. Food Security, Extraordinary People, People Change, Global Warming, Lawyer, Meet, Game, Country, Tips

Fahad Al-Attiya - TheXtraordinary

Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Attiya is faced with a daunting task: he needs to make sure that Qatar can become self-sufficient by 2030, the year Qatar’s “National Vision” would be realized. It’s daunting because his country, one of the world’s richest due to gas revenue, averages only 74mm of precipitation (rain) per year. It is one of the driest spots on Earth. So, they survive by importing 93% of their food and desalinating almost 100% of their water. As chairman of the National Food Security…

Peyton Robertson began inventing at the age of eight. He’s been brought up by his parents to think of solutions to problems rather than complain about. Extraordinary People, People Change, Young People, Inventions, Discovery, Challenges, Actors, Education, Scientists

Peyton Robertson - TheXtraordinary

Peyton Robertson began inventing at only eight years old. He was brought up by his parents to find solutions to problems rather than complain about them. By the time he turned twelve, he had won first place in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for inventing the “Sandless Operational Sandbag” (SOS). His invention is much lighter than conventional sandbags, more intuitively-designed to avoid seawater and floodwater from seeping in, and 100% reusable. Once dried after use…

 Mahesh Chander Mehta, also known as M. Extraordinary People, People Change, Co Founder, Lawyer, Foundation, Environment, Public, Management, Action

Mahesh Chander Mehta - TheXtraordinary

We have this persisting opinion of lawyers as dishonest and interested only in money; Mahesh Chander Mehta, also known as M.C. Mehta, disproves these generalizations. He is an environmental lawyer based in India, his home country, where bureaucracy is not for the faint-hearted. M.C. won cases to protect the Taj Mahal, Ganges River, and many other historical sites. He upholds Indian’s Right to Life, Polluters Must Pay, the Precautionary Principle, and the Public Trust Principle, and wins…

Laila Rashed Iskandar Kamel is now the Minister of State for Environment Affairs in Egypt under the interim government of Prime Minister Hazem El Bebl. International Development, Extraordinary People, People Change, Affair, Egypt, Bridge, Environment, Meet, Community

Laila Iskander - TheXtraordinary

Laila Rashed Iskandar Kamel is now the Minister of State for Environment Affairs in Egypt under the interim government of Prime Minister Hazem El Beblawi. Her track record in Cairo’s waste management brought her to the attention of the statesmen in her country; she is the founder of “Community and International Development Group” (CID), a holistic consultation firm which aims to bridge grassroots communities and giant manufacturers so they can both work for the good of the community. Her…

Stephen Ritz is a dynamic inspiration for kids in the Bronx who used to believe there was no more hope for them. Dirt Candy, Humble Beginnings, Tower Garden, Extraordinary People, People Change, Inspiration For Kids, Mindful, Role Models, Discovery

Stephen Ritz - TheXtraordinary

Stephen Ritz is a dynamic inspiration for kids in the Bronx who were accustomed to believing there was no more hope for them. His enthusiasm is undoubtedly contagious, enabling troubled teenagers to secure sources of income with the knowledge he provided them in and out of school. In addition to restoring hope, Stephen also helped the malnourished community reclaim their health by growing local produce from his very own classrooms. His non-profit organization, called the “Green Bronx…