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Seriously... an ad from 1954.  That just figures - the year I was born - no wonder I am so flat

"How to measure your wife for an ironing table?" How about measuring your wife for a 9 iron so she can beat you? You try ironing in a skirt, high heels and a stiff hairdo and then we'll see how you like "getting measured for an ironing table!

One vintage ad warns women, "Don't let them call you SKINNY!" while another promises that smoking cigarettes will keep one slender. If the task of morphing their bodies into the current desirable shape isn't enough of a burden, women are also reminded that they stink.

Selling Shame: 20 Outrageously Offensive Vintage Ads

Ladies he will only kiss you with the right lipstick - Selling Shame: 20 Outrageously Offensive Vintage Ads

Lysol for feminine hygiene vintage ad

he'd rather live with a psychotic, shopaholic garbage and cat hoarder, than spend another minute with your lysol-less cooch. The insanity and idiocy of this whole ad is almost beyond parody.

Guinness PinUp Girl Two Things Man Cant Resist

Guinness vintage poster --- "There are only two things a man can't resist . a pint of Guinness and another pint !" --- (Shows red haired pin-up girl sitting on top of the froth of a pint of Guinness).

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This is a negative ad because a cigarette company is trying to influence a pregnant mother to smoke their brand of cigarettes because they taste good and because it will make the baby skinner when it is born.

Art Deco Sexist Vintage Ad.      Maybe it won't stand for us... so sit down and get out of our way.

15 Sexist Vintage Ads - sexism, vintage ads

7 Ridiculously Sexist Vintage Ads I guess in the 1950s the best way to advertise to women was through misogyny!

17 Ridiculously Sexist Vintage Ads

SEXISM in advertising: "Don't worry.you didn't burn the beer".Hopefully she went on burning the dinner and he just had beer each night! Ad for Schlitz beer,


Most Sexist Print Ads from the & Glad We've Come A Long Way From There

Zie voor recepten de pagina alles op een rij.    Wat heb je nodig om te wecken:   Inmaakglazen met bijpassende deksels  inmaakringen / weckr...

Weird Vintage Ads 8 Mother and Daughter, We'll have lots to smoke this winter won't we Mother? Are they talking about cannabis marijuana? back in the old days, hmm .

PEP Vitaminas. "Así que cuanto más duro trabaja una mujer, ¡más bella parece!  “Guau, cariño, parece que cocinas, limpias y quitas el polvo cada día mejor y yo estoy molido cuando termino mi jornada ¿Cuál es tu respuesta?”  “¡Vitaminas cariño! Siempre me tomo mis vitaminas.”  ¡Vitaminas para levantar el ánimo! ¡PEP si quieres vitaminas!"

"The harder a wife works, the cuter she looks," Kellogg's Pep for Vitamins Sexist Ad,

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Times have changed

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Vintage Sales Ad for 'Day of the Week' Rayon Tricot Panties claims "A pleasure to wear and sporty to share"