Photographing miniature figures in the environment is nothing new, but few can match the clever scenes constructed by the London-based artist Slinkachu. Since releasing a book in he’s been.

This Micro photograph was taken by Slinkachu, I think this photograph shows that we are making new things everyday and I like this photograph because I think it was very clever how he made it look like they were chipping off the shell of the egg because h

Tiny people sculptures… #lol

Funny pictures about Tiny people sculptures. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny people sculptures. Also, Tiny people sculptures.

Broccoli as a structural support for an eco-chic treehouse, Brock Davis (2010)

10 Foods Impersonating Design Classics

Broccoli House by artist and musician Brock Davis. The house is made out of broccoli, balsa wood, a craft knife and glue. He says, “I couldn’t build a tree house for my son so I built him a broccoli.

2017.11.16(木)/たまご温泉 ※温泉たまご、ではありません。

Tatsuya Tanaka building tiny worlds in his daily Miniature Calendar photo project - Ego - AlterEgo

Miniature calendar (by Tatsuya Tanaka)

Miniature calendar (by Tatsuya Tanaka)


crossconnectmag: “ Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya creates miniature diorama for daily calendar since His artwork titled “miniature calendar” depicts diorama-style toy people with household.

Miniature Office – When a creative employee creates miniature scenes | Ufunk.net

Miniature Office – When a creative employee creates miniature scenes

Bite Sized Scenes Ingeniously Use Office Supplies Photographer Derrick Lin glorifies the mundane day to day moments of agency life, an artist who takes great delight in observing miniature moments.