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Ron Weasley is not an idiot. He's not a jerk. He can be those things, just like Sirius and James could be jerks.- so true

And just imagine Alastor Moody giving a crying infant rambling lectures on the defensive merits of a tactical silence.

When they started to think about what could have been. I Had Serious Questions About harry potter

I just love these. Draco is Teddy's cousin (once-removed) and you can't tell me that after everything Draco wasn't a part of his life, even begrudgingly.

Draco and Teddy (Draco wears a Weasley sweater! and his mug says princess! Notice the more time Teddy spends with Draco the more his hair changes from blue to blond.

Abortion and Harry Potter?

People need to read more

If Lily Potter had an abortion, then who would stop Voldemort? Jesus christ read the books. More importantly though, if Merope Gaunt had an abortion, there would be no Voldemort to defeat.