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Than cut those people from your life ASAP!! You dont deserve that cruelty in your life.

Owari No seraph

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Behind the Mask

Ao Haru Ride

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I relate I kind of just want to die though because I can see it all happening and I know no one will care if I tell them

i agree and feel what this quote says because i lost myself trying to make ppl like me i have did and i have 8 personalities and i still havent found myself.

Kagerou project - mekakucity actors

I think I'm broken I can't really feel anything, my sister got hit by a car and got badly wounded, and I realized, I didn't care I just pretended

Ao Haru Ride.

Right now it is exact like this for me

Anime: netoge no yome wa onnanoko ja nai to

At night it's really hard because that's when my claustrophobia kicks in so it feels like the walls come closer and i can't breathe so I have to run to my window all the time

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I smile... but don't just assume it's true

"The worst kind of pain is when you are smiling just to stop tears from falling"

I don't know this for sure, but I firmly believe that everyone sits on a throne of lies that they are too afraid to stand up from.

Smile : sourire Suffering mentally, I'm lying everyday : En souffrant mentalement je mens quotidiennement

Kokoro Connect, Rwby

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul. This anime made me cry, it's moving in a really morbid way, but i LOVE it!

Stay strong even when it feels like everything is falling apart

Kết quả hình ảnh cho mino-dono

I have over one hundred tumors in my body. I feel constant pain everyday. But everyone just I'm being lazy

Anime Quote || Kiznaiver || Katsuhira Agata

-Katsuhira Agata from Kiznaiver

i will do my best to forget you </3 :\'(  Anime: The World Still Beautiful

i will do my best to forget you </3 :\'( Anime: The World Still Beautiful