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We have two of these pots flanking our front entry. The pots have Sanseveria as the vertical element, Senecio and Burro's Tail draping over the sides and the purple is Purple Heart (Setcresea).


Gorgeous, lush mixture of succulents in various heights, shapes and colors. // succulent containers in mixed heights with nice pea gravel mulch

Great use of a strawberry pot

Paint, varnish, add succulents to your strawberry pots.bring inside during the winter for instant color & life! some catus freeze so bringing inside is a good idea

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succulent garden this is going to become an increasingly popular option in areas that cant afford to irrigate any more. Fortunately, lots of interesting shapes and colors to work with.


Let's talks about amazing weddings for a moment, shall we? Weddings that were planned to absolute perfection by Sweet Emilia Jane and feature stunning anemone-filled blooms from Floret Cadet . The kin.

Garden (New Beginning)

Garden (New Beginning)

This is a beautiful, personal garden. This arrangement includes kinds of succulent plants with blooming plants.