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Nice unicolor drawing of Link and fairies, by unknown artist

Ocarina of Time - Zelda no Densetsu - Image - Zerochan Anime Image Board


Skyward Sword Link showing off his adjustable figurine. Twilight Princess Link and Ocarina of Time Link are not impressed. (The Legend of Zelda) aww he's so cute

※ Permission to upload this work was granted by the artist. ゼルダ新作 by 雑草

nintendo the legend of zelda twilight princess the legend of zelda: breath of the wild link link (wolf) blonde dual persona male focus ponytail shield short ponytail standing tied hair wolf



Link - Hero of Twilight by ~lazyperson202 on deviantART

I was practicing drawing faces (getting the eyes to look straight and trying the mirror test) then I started doodling link. And it kept progressing and . Link - Hero of Twilight

Zelda Facts - of course the timeline has been more or less sorted out via "Hyrule Historia" (which I have yet to get boo hoo)

Zelda Facts One incorrect fact is that an official timeline has not been released. On has, in fact, been released in "Hyrule Historia.

The legend of Zelda_ Skyward sword by: KiraYukishiro94 on deviantART  Link - Legend of Zelda #nintendo #art #design

The legend of Zelda_ Skyward sword by on deviantART (But seriously, the ss manga damaged my soul greatly. You cant just kill link guys.