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Sara Jane Smith meets 10th doctor

I may not have been brought up in Classic Who, but I'll always appreciate how excited Ten got when he ran into SarahJaneSmith. It later helped me realize that no matter how long or how they were separated, theDoctor always remembers his friends.

Ha in your face Clara!

River and the Doctor [gif] The Name of the Doctor, Season 7 Poor Clara - she thinks they're just casual aquaintances and then BAM, he's married :P Clara, Eleven, and River Quote

The Doctor would do anything for Clara. But wasn't that always the point? He would go to hell for her if she asked him to.

I cried so much in that moment. I actually began to wonder if 10 really was My Doctor, or could 12 slowly be stealing my heart? ♥ That was the moment.the moment we realized Twelve does in fact have not one, but TWO hearts.


Understanding that Weeping Angels remain statues if a person sees them. Why didn't the Doctor, or River, watch the Angel until Amy returned to the TARDIS?

Madame Pompadour was the best

This is my favourite David Tennant episode. Loved 10 with Madame de Pompadour.but he is better with Rose

Ohms!  They thought about the wardrobe for the next doctor! River oh my!

River and her Doctor. Doctor Who. She reaches out to straighten his bow tie and it's not there. It's The Doctor but not Her Doctor. (The amazing thing is, I don't know if they had even planned for Eleven to have a bow tie yet.

...Doctor Who ? .. :)... http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who

The Doctor lies. What I love is when he tells the truth even though he knows it'll make him sound crazy. That's how he has fun with people.

Sarah Jane -- Doctor Who

Sarah Jane, Harry, and the Fourth Doctor: one of my favorite TARDIS teams.

The last words of the Doctors - S1 E13 "Parting of the Ways", S4 "The End of Time " part 2, S7 "The Time of the Doctor"

Doctor Who Last lines. Did anyone else notice Matt looking directly at the camera as he said, "I will always remember when the Doctor was me" . Just thought I'd accidentally make everything hurt even worse.

Rose Tyler

Dear Rose Tyler Haters, Read this post. Who the hell hate rose Tyler?

Even Donna  knows how special this person who she's barely met is to him, and when she reminds him of this girl, his fantastic girl, in spite of everything horrible that he knows is going to come, he smiles. Because he can't possibly keep back his joy for seeing his Rose.

His smile whenever Rose is mentioned just makes you melt.

This part always makes me cry

This is the best, most heart-wrenching episode. my favorite - Doctor Who season 5 episode Vincent and the Doctor Only one other moment in Doctor Who made me cry as hard as this did!