Laura Callaghan Illustration

supersonicart: “ Laura Callaghan’s Illustrations. Illustrations by Irish artist Laura Callaghan who hand draws and paints her work which features sly references to pop culture amongst colorful.

Three's a crowd - Laura Callaghan Illustration

Today's 'objet d'heart' is the illustrated work of Irish artist Laura Callaghan. Color-rich, fashion-filled, sometimes spooky, and always slightly mischievous, these are illustrations that will tease your imagination and delight your design eye.

Three spot images for jewellery trade magazine Vioro based on amethyst, emerald and gold. Laura Callaghan

Three spot images for jewellery trade magazine Vioro based on amethyst, emerald and gold.

laura callaghan illustration - Preparation for S.D coming soooooon!

Laura Callaghan Illustration

Off the back of a number of big-name commissions and a brilliant solo show in London, the Irish illustrator Laura Callaghan is very much in-demand. But her seemingly stellar rise has been built on huge talent, hard work and a…


Laura Callaghan -- A Noir in Fluoro - beware the sideways glance I spilled black ink all over this halfway through ♥Thank You Photoshop♥ I love this girl's work. It's totally totally 2014 at the same time.

art, aesthetic, and grunge image

lauracallaghanillustration: Poster illustration for a coming of age cinema series hosted by Aevoe during April in Brunswick Melbourne. Theres a really great line up of international films you can get tickets here :)

Laura Callaghan Illustration

lauracallaghanillustration: “We’re not your friendos, we just pretendo, to get a go on your Nintendo ”

Record store

Laura Callaghan's Intricate Illustrations of Cool, Bookish Girls

For the most part, the girls Laura Callaghan draws are bookish metalheads, with beautifully bushy eyebrows and a penchant for patterns.