I do like cupcakes! :) But I also like to live... ;) #Oliver #Hetalia #2P

) <<< I don't like cupcakes but I can be your cupcake Ollie- //slapped

2p FACE family.>>> IM DYING LOL!! XD<<< you should probably see a doctor about that

>>> IM DYING LOL! XD<<< you should probably see a doctor about that << excellent parenting with Oliver

He is cute :3<--- Hetalia!<<< that would be me X3<<that's be me with pretty much all of them XD

Vhen I met Britain, Oliver.

Is it weird that 2p! England creeps me out more than anything else?  Like, it's pretty hard to really freak me out, but I felt extremely uncomfortable and had to leave my computer when I started looking up his 2p! version...

and - Alvin Jones, Matt Williams, and Oliver Kirkland

2P!England....right of course not...(sarcasm)

of the time little sweet heart the other run for your life wat

Hetalia / Doctor Who ~~ England, you fanboy.

England meets the Doctor - England, you absolute fanboy

2P!Hetalia Perssia Germany by mieulinhtu.deviantart.com on @deviantART. Insane Getmany. I perfume this version better. Another dark hetalia version

that was a long comic XDDD This totally fictional story lol. XD At this time, Prussia is still a nation so he didn't die.

Canada’s face though XD

America & Canada vs America and Canada

Oliver and his puppy eyes! :D they're soooooooo cute!!! :D the art is not mine, but I wish it were XD #England #Hetalia #2P

Oliver and his puppy eyes! :D there soooooooo cute :D the art is not mine XD <<< awww

i'M nOT frEAKY. bOI. oliver and america lol

Jones and Oliver Kirkland

Axis Powers: Hetalia/#443094 - Zerochan

Axis Powers: Hetalia/#443094 - Zerochan

2p America, 2p England, Hetalia

Wasn't gonna pin but then I saw 2p Germany and wow <--- Saaaammmeeee..... *whistles with admiration*<--- Me too ^-^

Wasn't gonna pin but then I saw Germany and wow << dat jawline doh

Me and the delightful kids in livestream decided Pink Elephants on Parade was appropriate, heh

(Thought the song freaks me out.

Hetalia - If 2p England meet Canada and America Part 3 / 5

Hetalia - If England met Canada and America Part 3 / 5

Hi this is Arthur Kirkland and you’re dead to me..

LOL XD Arthur summons Russia by accident