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Sens Pouch: Provenance: 13th Century  Fiber: black, white, dark and light brown, slate blue, dark slate blue, red silk and gold thread  Gauge: Maybe 10-12 stitches per inch

Sens Knit Pouch Provenance: Century Fiber: black, white, dark and light…

Image detail for -Lady Sof'ia Serafimskaia used size FF Champion Silk Thread on size ...

century knitted relic pouch: one of five from the treasury of the cathedral in Sion, Switzerland. Described in Rutt's _A History of Hand Knitting_ p. In Rutt, this is pattern V.

14th century knitted relic pouch: one of five from the treasury of the cathedral in Sion, Switzerland. Described in Rutt’s _A History of Hand Knitting_ p. 50-52. In Rutt, this is pattern III. He simplifies the crenallated line between the checks and...

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Sion Relic-Purse III pattern by Richard Rutt

13th century knit bag. Identified as a Money Bag and as mudéjar ("a subject Muslim during the Christian reconquest of the Iberian peninsula from the Moors who, until 1492, was allowed to retain Islamic laws and religion in return for loyalty to a Christian monarch.")

Dinerario Mudejar S XIII, Century Handbag (Most sources I'm finding on this are stock photo sites, but in theory it's Century Spanish, hanging out in the Toledo Cathedral.

Reliquary bag | Rhineland | 14th-15th century | linen, silk, metal-wrapped thread | Museum Schnütgen | Inventory #: P 870

Relic bag with embroidered geometric patterns, Woven and embroidered, in linen, silk & gold thread. Currently at Museum Schnütgen, Cologne.

Purse with Two Figures under a Tree, 14th C French, Embroidery in silk and metal thread

Purse with Two Figures under a Tree Date: century Culture: French Medium: Embroidery in silk & metal thread on canvas Dimensions: Overall (with tassels): 11 × 6 in. × cm) Purse only: 8 × 6 in. × cm) Storage (Box): 16 × 12 in.

14th c. knitted reliquary pouch, Sion Cathedral, Switzerland (see Rutt's A History of Hand Knitting)

Chur Purse Fiber: silk Colors: blue, white, red Gauge: 7 stitches per inch Size: tall and wide.

Reliquary purse. Silk. Red, green, white embroidery. Western Europe. c.1201-1300. Musée d'art Religieux et d'art Mosan.

Object name: bourse-reliquaire Institution place: Liège[localité] Institution…


Purse depicting lovers, worked in Paris c. 1340 Linen embroidered in silk in split, chain, stem and knot stitches, the background of gold threads couched with red silk. 'Medieval Craftsmen: Embroiderers' by Kay Staniland pg 43

Small Drawstring Knit Purse, Late 1500s, Augusta Auctions, November 2009 Museum Fashion & Textile Sale, Lot 190

Small drawstring knit purse, late Striped silk knit bands in light green…



12th century bag.

Byzantine relic pouch from the or century; Michael in Beromünster, Switzerland; “lattice-work wreath pattern worked on a [silk] ruby red ground. It is made from a single linen-lined piece of cloth, and has seams on two sides