Aus Wolle und alten T-Shirts einen Teppich o. Untersetzer o. ä. häkeln - DIY Old T shirt Crochet Rug by dkwilson

DIY Old T-shirt Crochet Rug. This is certainly a new twist on the usual crocheted t-shirt rug, and worth a try!

35 Upcycle Projects for Your Home

35 Upcycle Projects for Your Home

white crochet basket | Méchant Design

Chunky crochet basket-I love making these. Make whatever shape and size you want, find something to fit inside snugly and cover that thing with plastic wrap and then spray the crocheted basket with liquid starch and let dry.

Love these amigurumi eggs from Airali Handmade

Cute animals over a plastic egg (like those from kinder eggs!) What a brilliant idea!

Christmas Rooster Ornament by Buckster's Pics, via Flickr

Buckster's Rooster Ornaments pattern by Dawn Sparks