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Love this-only got to go about once a year as a family.  Everyone was healthier back then.

McDonalds and the Golden Arch! Back then my dad would say "let's go to the golden arches," not McDonalds! Their food was much better back then!

3 time's a week when my first two boy's were little .1962 and 1963..

"I remember getting milk delivered to our milk box. I remember that first draft of cream at the top was so thick and rich! And the cardboard 'pog' at the top of the bottle.

The Dairy Queen - one of two drive-in's in our small southern Oregon town where I grew up.

Cherry Red "Dipped" vanilla cone was my fave! --I even remember the darn theme song from the commercial!--"Let's all go to the Dairy Queen, the scrumpdillyicious Dairy Queen!

A&W, used to ride my bike there and order outside :)

After church we would go to A&W and get a rootbeer float. Dad love their hamburgers and rootbeer floats.

Remember these?

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My uncle had these, took them to my grandmom's each summer when the family all got together.

Vintage croquet set, Summer yard game We still play this. Also known as "killer croquet" in our family.

TIL Using facial recognition software an airport's vending machine dispensed free coffee for anyone who yawned

Vintage 1952 candy vending machine at the Minnesota Historical Society