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Love this-only got to go about once a year as a family.  Everyone was healthier back then.

McDonalds and the Golden Arch! Back then my dad would say "let's go to the golden arches," not McDonalds! Their food was much better back then!

A&W, used to ride my bike there and order outside :)

I loved going to the A&W Drive In for root beer floats.

McDonald's Menu 1962 Ad | Wowee!!! Check out these prices! | Flickr

McDonald's Menu 1962 Ad and don't forget Wetson's (which was my favorite because I loved their saucy cheese - like Cheeze Whiz) and White Castle too, which I didn't care for.

Remember these hanging/swag lights in the 1970s?  My Mom had one just like this one. If I had one today, I'd hang it up in the Living Room.

Nothing said home decor better than swag lamps.and gold shag carpets. We had this exact lamp in our living room.

Corner markets and Green stamps and screen doors - as a girl, you could only find these stores surviving in the country - and then they were far and few between.

Old fashioned country stores - I remember the screen door, the old fashioned Coke machines (with glass bottles), and the candy!and dont forget the S&H green stamps!

pet turtles 1960's

Red ear slider pet turtles from Woolworth's Pet Department. Buying the plastic tank with the fake palm tree and the little diving board. My sister and I would watch these turtles for hours. Who knew back then that they carried salmonella. But we lived.

Back when TVs were a decorative piece of furniture and us kids were the remote control!

Fab Friday Funny: Remember When TV's Did This

Back when TVs were a decorative piece of furniture and us kids were the remote control! Also that multi-color test pattern that came on after the station signed off for the night and they played the star spangled banner.

Growing Up In The 70s and 80s's photo.

clara peller in wendy's classic ad-Clara Peller (August 1902 – August was a manicurist and American character actress who, at the age of starred in the 1984 "Where's the beef?" advertising campaign for the Wendy's fast food restaurant chain

I remember when dentist chairs looked like this!

My childhood nightmare - the dentist. Equipment looks so primitive now--like a torture chamber.it WAS a torture chamber!