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Jewel Frog USB Flash Drive  http://www.usbgeek.com/products/jewel-frog-drive

Jewel Frog USB Flash Drive - also available in other designs

"Custom USB drives can come in a wide variety of styles and finishes."

Make your customers notice and remember your brand with custom USB drives. For almost a decade we have helped a lot of customers create custom usb drives for their events, holidays and to promote their brands

Sushi USB pen

Another 12 Cool USB Flash Drives - lego usb, sushi usb, funny usb - Oddee

Emily Rothschild. -----    A re-design of a turn-of-the-century mourning locket, this necklace now contains a USB flash drive. Given new life, this locket stores all of your most important photographs and files to be shared or to be kept safe as memories.

Emily Rothschild USB locket - now that's a great idea for the swap, hide a mini USB in a locket

FRIDGE MAGNET..Ninja knife fridge magnet.. ((( GIFT IDEA )))

Ninja Knife Magnets - If you have something very important to tell someone in your house or office, it’s best to get to the point. Keep it short and sweet then hang it on the fridge or whiteboard with a long Ninja Knife Magnet made of ABS plastic.

Lipstick USB Flash Drive  http://www.usbgeek.com/products/lipstick-drive #flashdrive

Lipstick USB Flash Drive http://www.usbgeek.com/products/lipstick-drive #flashdrive

I simply must have this! Great find from my boyfried!

Every sale of Active Media's new WWF Penguin USB flash drive may prompt the company to send off a donation to the WWF, but we're hoping it won't

Great idea! Always have a flash drive on you by wearing  it around your wrist.

Flash drive bracelets at By Nordvik on Etsy.The minimalist USB bracelet designs feature drives tethered to braided cords, which means you should can have up to 8000 photos or songs with you at any time.

Fast Food USB Drives

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La clé USB officielle ! #nutella #nutellamorningfestival I ❤️ it !

La clé USB officielle ! #nutella #nutellamorningfestival I ❤️ it !

USB Toast Flash Drives

Toaster USB Hub Pair this up with some toaster thumb drives and you’ve got toast. When you don’t have enough ports in your computer this toaster USB hub will save the day check it out here:.

Metallic Hand Grenade USB Drive

A grenade you think at first but dont let it fool you this is a metallic hand grenade USB drive! ~Kat Finally a flash drive i want ~Kit