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And for the 785639268th time in a row The Best Big Brother Award goes to..... Nico di Angelo

And for the time in a row The Best Big Brother Award goes to. Nico di Angelo << Percy for Best Boyfriend, too

I am so happy right now

I like to think that with everything that's gone wrong in their lives, somehow the Percabeth wedding would be completely flawless.Oh and headcannon freaking accepted!

Haha<<<<<<< challenge day 5: fav. Female? Piper. I liked how she stood up for Selina even though she never met her

I have always wanted to see Nico dance. Heroes of Olympus;

This is pretty cool :)

>> I hope that they mean the REAL Calypso, otherwise it just sounds like a sad replacement, which is totally unfair towards the real Calypso. <<<< yay life is Goode

"Bianca, Bianca! It's them! We saw them, remember?" "Don't be ridiculous. They wouldn't have been there ..."

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