Avatar the Last Airbender

I miss this show

That awkward moment when you realize just how stupid some people are. Also one of my favorite scenes :D <----- haha remember this part.

Zuko facing his father

Even though all of the characters from ATLA are BEAUTIFULLY written, Zuko will always be my favorite. <<< character development at its finest

I even remembered it in Katara's voice and the whole BGM

Why did I KNOW it was Avatar: The Last Airbender before when he said the Fire nation attacked?

aang's face in the last panel got me, got me bad<<<Aang was funny, but look at sokka in that last one

Another pinner XD :I ship both Kataang and Zitara and this GAAAH so many conflicted feels.

At Night to!!

Also during a full moon! sorry zuko, but as you said yourself, you rise with the sun, she rises with the moon.

matt-the-blind-cinnamon-roll: “ ngoziu: “ ngoziu: “ Aang Makes a Betrothal Necklace. (ln response to this post) ” This has been floating around Tumblr for such a long time. ” This is what happened. ”

The Legend of Korra/ Avatar the Last Airbender: Aang and the betrothal necklace.: "I'm so fucked"

This would be the ultimate Avatar game. Add on some Kinect motion follow and BOOM!

Shut up and take my money! - Avatar the Last Airbender Video Game produced by the minds behind Star Wars K.


Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra friendships that last through lifetimes. Friendship is strong and timeless.

They both sparkle meaning that they are meant to be together... Zuko may be a total hottie but he and Mai deserve each other's emotional problems.

I see katara and dingus fighting over wingus.<<< I remember the first time I watched this show all through when I was younger and questioned why Wingus and Dingus didn't end up together.

Avatar the Last Airbender - Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko impressions of eachother. Always makes me giggle

Avatar - Switch SO CUTE. but no matter how Aang tries to look positively angry he still looks happy somehow, And Zuko. oh Zuko you just work being happy all the time.

(gif) I keep watching Sokka get nailed over and over....xD

(gif) I keep watching Sokka get nailed over and over.xD<<<<I love Sokka, don't get me wrong, but this gif will always be funny.