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chameleon by cathryn

Fabulous shot of a crested gecko ~. That is most certainly a panther chameleon. He doesn't even look like a crested gecko.

Monkey - fine picture

Red-shanked Douc Langur is a beautiful monkey native to Southeast Asia listed as an Endangered species. Despite conservation laws in Vietnam, enforcement is hit-and-miss.

For my room. he could eat the rats that will probably make into the house. The blue phase of the White-Lipped Tree Viper. "Although they are green for the majority of their lives, they go through a bright blue phase which sheds off to the green.

Gorgeous Blue Snake - Beautiful White-lipped Tree Viper - Trimeresurus Albolabris a venomous pitviper species found in Southeast Asia

Due cuccioli di una specie nota brasiliana di primati, la testa d'oro Tamarin ( chrysomelas Leontopithecus ), nati in cattività presso il Tropicarium zoo di Budapest, in Ungheria. L'arrivo dei cuccioli viene celebrata perché la specie è in grave pericolo di estinzione. Nato a Bahia e Minas Gerais, il leone d'oro Tamarin è una testa di animale leggero e può pesare fino a 710 g in età adulta. Questi primati sono onnivori e si nutrono di frutta, insetti e uova.

Endangered golden-headed lion tamarin babies and their mother. Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin "Severely endangered because of habitat loss and illegal capture. There are only about 200 golden-headed lion tamarins in the wild.

Tree-kangaroos are macropods adapted for life in trees. They inhabit the tropical rainforests of New Guinea and far northeastern Queensland, and some of the islands in the region. Most tree-kangaroos are considered threatened due to hunting and habitat destruction.

Photo credits: Ray Meibaum/Saint Louis Zoo A little Zoo present has popped up just in time to give a pounce of holiday cheer! “Nokopo” (pronounced NOH-koh-poh), a female Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo joey, has begun poking her head out from within.

big horned goat

amazing horns : The horns of the male ibex can be over feet meter) long. Both male and female ibex have horns. The male has horns that are longer and heavily ridged, curving upward, backward and then downward.

Pretty Frogs 50+ Colorful Animals Photography

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog Strawberry Posion Dart Frog Photo by Erez Marom

this-is-wild:  (via 500px / Eye Lash Viper by Tom Fiore)

The eyelash viper (Bothriechis schlegelii), is a venomous pit viper species found in Central and South America. By Tom Fiore on I don't like snakes, but this is beautiful!