The brain calms. It releases all the horrors of stress and again begins to function properly. This brings the back faith in one's self.

❤"In the woods we return to reason and faith. " This pic reminds me of an old favorite hiking spot where I used to go gather my thoughts and let God speak to me and inspire me all over again.

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Take a break outside, no matter the weather, even if it just for a few minutes. Breathing fresh outdoor air can increase the self healing abilities that reduces stress, improve immunity and even improve your sleep habits.

That is if I can hike, I never know what each day brings anymore.  A good walking day or a bad one

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I want to spend a TON of time outdoors with the family. I especially want to spend a lot of time outdoors with just Brian and I! This picture speaks to me because I love mountains, and exercise combined with that makes me feel excited inside!

Take a walk in the forest and smell with wild air. #nature #quote #selfcare

Take A Walk in the Forest and Smell the wild air. No better way to rejuvenate than time in nature.


that time of refreshing and renewal of all things. The time of year that is proof of God's bringing to life dead things.

Keep close to nature's heart. Wash your spirit clean.

filson: Today, we’re celebrating one of America’s most influential naturalists and conservationists. Happy John Muir Day — "wash your spirit clean.