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Stellaria Solaris

Fractal spiral, Stellaria solaris, common name the sun carrier shell

Murex  l Tyrian purple (or royal purple) and Tekhelet were historically made by the ancient Phoenicians using the Murex snail

The murex, a carnivorous marine gastropod mollusc, was the source of the Phoenicians' important purple dye used to promulgate the alphabet (and royal clothing). (See murex on Wikipedia)

@PinFantasy - Nautilus Shell ~~ For more: - ✯ http://www.pinterest.com/PinFantasy/ciencia-~-conchas-y-f%C3%B3siles-shells-and-fossils/

CHAMBERED NAUTILUS SHELL<br /> Cross section<br /> A prime example of the Golden Mean logarithmic spiral found in nature, and based on the Fibonacci Series of numbers, the progression in which 2 initial terms are added to form the third.

Pretty shells

Beauty and Color is found in Nature. We too can choose beautiful colors to cloth our vibrant beautiful bodies in, finding inspiration from Nature! With Love, Jessica


Look for these at Lighthouse beach on teh high tide line. Angulate Wentletrap shells This shell always reminded me of a unicorn's horn. These are my favorite shells to find on Sanibel,

This Ivy House

This Ivy House

Cut Nautilus Shell by Henry Domke Fine Art via henrydomke.com

Cut Nautilus Shell by Henry Domke -- the golden ratio strikes again.