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Abandoned mansion in Europe. Dining room

This abandoned manor in Belgium still has very ornate furniture inside. The paint is peeling and the walls are fading. Ernest Sebastian visited his first abandoned building just over 2 years ago.

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Abandoned gothic revival home, ca. 1840 ["The Sleeping Palace" - abandoned palace in Portugal]

Hasard Cheratte coal mine, Cheratte, Liège, Belgium

Hat, Coat, Boots and Gloves - Photo of the Abandoned Hasard Cheratte (Coal Mine)

Stories abound of rays of light shining through the stained glass windows of churches and illuminating a certain individual or specific flagstone on the floor. In these images, urban explorer and urbex photographer Kiekmal creates the effect digitally with striking results.

Urbex Photography: Light Rays Brighten Abandoned Chapels

The floral room. The room was finished with floral wallpaper in the abandoned mansion.

Inside the abandoned Round Mansion in west Belgium. Rooms are still occupied with expensive furniture & ornaments, Photo by Andre Govia