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Friedrich Heinrich Karl "Fritz" Haarmann 'the Vampire of Hanover' - German serial killer responsible for the murder of 27 boys and young men. His victims consisted of young males, runaways and, occasionally, male prostitutes who hung around Hanover's central station, whom Haarmann would lure back to his apartment and then kill by biting through their throats, sometimes while sodomizing them. All of Haarmann's victims were dismembered before they were discarded, usually in the Leine River.

Fritz Haarmann October 1879 – 15 April killed at least 24 to 27 people before he was executed by guillotine at age 45 in Of the vampire killers of the twentieth century, Haarmann has the most confirmed victims

The story of Marybeth Tinning and her nine deceased children goes down as one of the most puzzling and fatal cases of Munchausen's Syndrome by proxy in the history of the disorder. Between the years of 1967 and 1985, Tinning, a wife and mother in upstate New York, gave birth to and buried every single one of her young children, often within months.

Currently serving a sentence of 20 years to life, Marybeth Tinning is an American serial killer – or more specifically, an evil baby killer

~Javed Mughal,Pakistan~..Claimed he killed 100 boys .....Drugged,raped,strangled,cut up bodies into pieces...

Javed Iqbal Mughal was a serial killer from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. He claimed he killed 100 boys during an 18 month period.

Harvey Murray Glatman (December 10, 1927 – September 18, 1959) was an American serial killer active during the late 1950s. He was known in the media as "The Lonely Hearts Killer"

Harvey Murray Glatman "The Lonely Hearts Killer," serial killer. He killed his victims alone, he was not part of the serial killer-couple "the lonely heart killers.

Tommy Lynn Sells was an American serial killer who murdered at least 70 persons.

Among others, convicted serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells has been indicted in the murder of old Mary B, Perez. Sells, is already on death row for the murder of 13 year old Kaylene Harris on Dec. 1999 in Del Rio.

Henry Lee Lucas, convicted serial killer, was the only inmate spared execution by G.W. Bush when he was Gov. of Texas... And we know how much Georgie loved execution... interesting if true

Henry Lee Lucas, convicted serial killer, was the only inmate spared execution by G. Bush when he was Gov. And we know how much Georgie loved execution.

Ted Bundy, serial killer Totally Looks Like Walter Sickert, a.k.a. suspected Jack the Ripper

Ted Bundy, serial killer Totally Looks Like Walter Sickert, a.k.a. suspected Jack the Ripper

Oddly, Ted Bundy, serial killer Bears a resemblance to Walter Sickert who was once a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders

Jesse Pomeroy youngest serial killer in Massachusett 's history. By age 12 had tortured & maimed several boys, was sentenced to 6 yrs., serving only 17 mos.At 14 murdered a 4 yr. old boy, was caught & confessed, also to murdering a previously missing 10 yr old girl. Dec. 1874 sentenced to death, but due to age, commuted to life in prison, serving 56 yrs.

World's Youngest Serial Killers

Jesse Pomeroy Youngest Serial Killer in Masachusetts history also looks a lot like Robbie Williams!

Speed Freak Killers - The Speed Freak Killers is the name given to serial killer duo Loren Joseph Herzog (December 8, 1965 - January 16, 2012) and Wesley Howard Shermantine Jr (February 24, 1966 - Not Yet Deceased), together initially convicted of 4 murders (3 jointly), and suspected in the deaths of as many as 15 people, in and around San Joaquin County, CA.

Speed Freak Killers - Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog, were dubbed the "Speed Freak Killers" after a methamphetamine drug-induced killing spree that began in 1984 and ended in

Robert Black- one of the UK's serial killers of children  Google Image Result for http://i1.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article812446.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/Robert%2BBlack%25E2%2580%2599s%2Bjob%2Bas%2Ba%2Bvan%2Bdriver%2Ballowed%2Bhim%2Bto%2Broam%2Bthe%2BUK%2Band%250Abecome%2Ba%2Bserial%2Bkiller%2Bof%2Blittle%2Bgirls%2B-%2BBetween%2B1981%2Band%2B1986%2Bit%2Bhas%2Bbeen%2Bproved%2Bhe%2Bkilled%2Bfour,%2Bbut%2Bdetectives%2Bbelieve%2Bhe%2Bkilled%2Bseveral%2Bmore.

LIP - Robert Black -) is a Scottish serial killer convicted of the kidnapping and murder of 4 girls between the ages of 5 and come to the conclusion that many serial killers have well man rained Beards and Mustaches.

Belle Gunness-  One of the most famous aloof female serial killers in history.  You've gotta read her story!

Belle Gunness was one of America’s most degenerate and productive female serial killers. Standing 6 ft m) tall and weighing in at over.

Robert Hansen, convicted serial killer in Alaska, dies at 75 - The Washington Post

Robert Hansen, convicted serial killer in Alaska, dies at 75

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng were a pair of serial killers responsible for as many as 25 murders. They not hesitant to abduct entire families. After killing the men and children to get them out of the way, they would hold the women captive in a custom-built room in a bunker at Lake's ranch, tie them up and torture and rape them, videotaping each other while doing so. After killing the victims by either strangling or shooting them, they would often bury them in shallow graves on the property.

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng

KILLERS: Leonard Lake Charles Ng , serial killers responsible for as many as 25 deaths

Margie Velma Barfield, October 29, 1932 – November 2, 1984, was a serial killer, convicted of six murders.

Margie Velma Barfield - was convicted of committing six murders, including elderly individuals she took care of, her mother and her boyfriend. to be executed by lethal injection.