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Luke Brown (Spectraleyes) draws inspiration from deep meditative states, sacred geometry and entheogen experiences. View the full Collection on TIMEWHEEL

The thought manifests as the word; The word manifests as the deed; The deed develops into habit; And habit hardens into character; So watch the thought and its ways with care, And let it spring from love Born out of concern for all beings... As the shadow follows the body, as we think, so we become...

Ruysen Flores Venancino is a grand master shaman who paints highly detailed and beautifully powerful encounters with Mother Ayahuasca. His visionary work depicts the spiritual realm achieved by communion with.


In the full alignment of being - is the everything - is the power of the moment and the power of all eternity ringing forth in and through you.

Boundless Energy

Sacred geometry, the fibonacci spiral, the golden ratio, pi. God's Fingerprint on every single thing in all we know.

Fuck Everything And Society

This is scary, I don't do Ouija boards, but it may be the trippiest gif this board's seen yet.

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This is an oil painting of a house on a corner lot that I lived in for a year. The house and the neighborhood had an old, haunted feel about it. The Corner House

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