Dahlia ‘Little Miss Muffet'

Here's an excellent article about a dahlia grower outside of Victoria on Vancouver Island, B. Dahlia ‘Little Miss Muffet'

Dahlia ‘La Recoleta’ Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

I have slipped the surly bonds of earth." Nah I had to drive the chase truck, AGAIN! Hmm love the hat n overalls though.

Beauty Rendezvous - dahlias

Dahlia 'Bagatelle' I like to grow Dahlias, lilies, sunflowers. Fun for the house and garden too!

Dálias...Flores do jardim de minha sogra Harue!!!

~Orange Cream Dinner Plate dahlia in the south you should plant where dahlia will get morning sun evening shade

Dahlia 'Dinner Plate Blue Boy'

Cactus Dahlia cultivar, with typical backward curling petals The dahlia was declared the national flower of Mexico in 1963