Cool art by Jennifer Davis

Get Lucky, acrylic/graphite on paper shooting target, 2012 I made this Maneki Neko target painting for the Get Lucky 2012 (gala and s.

Ohhh crazy... kinda reminds me of outsider art a little.   adrienne slane - found image collage

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of adrienne slane

Matthew Gray Gubler-Totally Tubular

Matthew Gray Gubler-Totally Tubular, Awwww, let me pinch your cheeks baby

Eye-Opening Knife Typography

Eye-Opening Knife Typography

Animals wearing clothes on plates. What the what in a fantastic way

I would happily serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert on any of these weird little miss-matched animal portrait plates by LA based artist Angela Rossi.

blog post > Jennifer Davis Art: Custom Hand-Painted Paper Shooting Targets

Here are a bunch of the gazillion hand-painted paper shooting targets I have painted over the past year or so.