hello kitty Batman

Hello Kitty + Batman by joseph senior sad these toys aren't real but oh so awesome this is so Norma!

The Hello Kitty Dolls of Your Dreams

The Hello Kitty Dolls of Your Dreams

Called “Hello Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty collection” this is an awesome Hello Kitty Ninja Turtles mashup created by Joseph (AKA Yodanz), an illustrator and art director from New Zealand.

hello kitty

DIY jewelry: hello kitty soda can jewelry. Oh the possibilities. I've made flowers, but now I need to search out other punches. Love the Monster one

@reanee81 I tried to send this to you, but Pinterest is being an asshole.

Real Estate to Geek Out Over

Illinois Home Pool Has Bat Symbol. I don't want the pool, but the bat signal is awesome.