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#1226 - Whenever a YouTube video is buffering or is paused, you can play a game of "Snake" by hitting the Up arrow on your keyboard

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I hope this is real.......

- Coca-Cola says only two people alive know the Coca-Cola recipe, and they aren't allowed to travel on the same plane in case it crashes! This is actually true. My chemistry teacher worked for coca cola she knows lol

Oh...well then.

WTF fun fact Snow white and the 7 dwarfs was actually based upon cocaine, the 7 dwarfs were each side effects from the drug. -- my favorite childhood movie just got a whole lot better!

Something to think about when your having a tough break-up

All emotional pain lasts for 12 minutes, anything longer than that is self-inflicted - WTF FUN FACTS

That's good to know!

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts That's why mark wahlburg does that on shooter.

<3 the one about the lyrics really got to me ❤

The first 2 are wrong about me. My eyes don't choose to ignore my nose, and I can hum with my nose closed. HA<< Waw you must be FKING magical to him with your nose closed

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Well then

WTF fun fact-- The pain that women experience while giving birth is considered to be similar to getting burned alive. Thankfully, the second that your baby is placed on your belly/in your arms, you realize that *ALL* of it is worth it!

I going to watch next time to see if its true!!!

WTF-FUN-FACTS - I have to pay attention next time I cry which eye releases the first tear.

Why? This is so unnecessary #372

WTF fun fact - Prison meals are healthier than school cafeteria lunches.

Well, I do love giving long hugs. Maybe I trust allot of people?

Hugs that last more than 20 seconds release a chemical in your body called oxytocin that make you trust someone more. MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE funny and weird facts ONLY