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Over the years Rita honed those turkey carving skills she learned in her mother's kitchen and was always first in line to offer a helping knife, I mean, hand.

Cid seizes the opportunity to rifle through Rita's purse as she is busy plunging the knife into Bart's back .

Why don't they mak cars in this color anymore?

Midcentury Mom: 1952 it seems Americans always had so much more than us in Britain. We did not have diners,cars phones and your toys were so much more sophisticated.

hey let's pose next to this car

Vintage Motos by Early Kodacolor Prints Circa 1952 Standard Vanguard w/ Ontario plates

1950s Wounded Korean War vet followed his heart

This Korean War veteran and quadruple amputee defied doubters and married his sweetheart in the A truly inspiring story! Ed is in "Korea: The Forgotten War" narrated by Loretta Swift.