Love the flower in the middle of the triple. I will finish mine eventually

"what not to do, piercings should be limited to one small stud in each ear. I think there should be 5 in each ear. I will not stop until I have my forward helix and additional cartilage piercings done.

Piercing helix

Nose Cuff, Silver Opal Nose Ring - No Piercing Required, Non Pierced helix/cartilage/tragus fake nose hoop, faux piercing, opal jewelry

Rook and Tragus. I want both of these sooooo bad!

A Guide to Ear Piercing by New York Adorned's J. Colby Smith

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♡ TRAGUS / CARTILAGE / Labret stud gold filled Flower with genuine turquoise stone - BioPlast - via Etsy