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Quality of relationships trumps quantity. Choose friends who challenge growth, are trustworthy, & will stand by you in the roughest storms.

How to say thank you for being a friend? Read on to find inspiring and meaningful thankful quotes for friends and thank you messages for friends.

This one's for you, Wanda!! ❤️

Good friends help you find important things when you have lost them.Things like your smile, hope & courage. Thank you sweet Peggy.

Best friends are the best therapists

Friendship is relationship in this beautiful world that's why we are providing you some famous best friendship quotes images, pics, photos and wallpapers.

So true...just dont do me wrong cz as bad as it'll hurt to see you  down, i would be a FOOL to help you again!!!!

Life is like a see-saw ride, full of ups and downs. But when you are down a good friend will jump on the other seat to bring you back up again.

A Letter To The Friend Groups At The Different Stages Of My Life

A Letter To The Friend Groups At The Different Stages Of My Life

Some people will stay longer on your mind then in your life!

That friend (SISTER) who you may not see very often, but the moment you reconnect feels like yesterday.