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Rumple would tell the horrible puns, and I'd be the one groaning, but thinking that they're secretly funny.

Will would pun and Nico would groan. PERCY would pun and Annabeth would groan. Will would pun and Tessa would groan. Leo would pun and Calypso would groan. Jason would pun and piper would groan.


thank the heavens this isn't true i personally think we just relate to that person(i. acting how you would) <<theory makes me feel better tho. i have a chance with wolfgang bogdanow, mafia king?

Just barely imagined Vikings or hunters fighting tog ether. But they first meet by fighting one another and the girl wins, warns the respect of the boy's pack or group, and he decides to stick around her more.

I have several battle couples and honestly they make me so happy whenever I write about them fighting together. That also perfectly describes Percabeth.

This, but it's 5 roommates, four are aliens and the human one is super artistic/eccentric

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And imagine that they reply as if they were just mumbling to themselves and they're looking down at the floor and person A just looks over at B a tear streaking down their face as a small smile appears through the tears and A pulls B into a hug.

That would b 10x as worse for me...Haru..Gajeel..Gray...all the dudes in Free...Natsu...this can go on forever..

I would die if Percy Jackson came in and did that>>> I'd die if Jace Herondale did that.>>> I'd die if Will Herondale did that.

Malec is love, Malec is life :3>>true,and,this is actually pretty useful for writing

This is Malec all the way but I'm putting it in my writingg board bc it's useful except for the specific phrases