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TRUER words have never been spoken! Ya can take the girl outta the country (temporarily!) but ya CAN'T take the country outta the girl!

So  so pretty! if only just to dream of owning something like this....

Awesome pictures from Sweden, the country in the north of the world! 10 Places You'll Hardly Believe Are In Sweden ! Sweden is a very beautiful country both in

Country isn't.....Country is.....

Country is where you know who and what family means! And you don't take anyone's crap or fakeness! I hate when really mean girls with no respect say they're country. You dont have a country heart or soul, my dear

Life as I Know it

In my heart of hearts, I really do believe I was meant to live in a place on the beath. (or maybe that's just been a life-long dream of mine?

Texas wildflowers + Indian Paintbrush flower + old wood fence + old wood wagon + rustic country

country roads

Gate with American Flag.love it - use this type of gate for our yard fence:)

I loved running through rows of corn stalks when I was a kid! It was like being in another world.

Inside the cornfield. (Bev note: This brings back memories. Spent hours playing in the cornfield next to our house as a kid.

Wide Open Reflection....

Wide Open Reflection....


Brown wears a light colored coat as she takes in the flowers in the field beyond the fence. Spring is always joyful with just a nip in the air.