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It's because mini m&ms are dark chocolate not milk like the regular ones ~ is that true?

Isn't this true

Not just a dance prob. Anyone in theatre, choir, band, orchestra, etc know a this to be true! so true

I feel like everyone says this exept dancers! Lol

this is so true like in gym everyone is like omg that girl is flexible can she do the splits then they come up to me and say.Can u do the splits for me

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"It's called a straddle mom do u want me to succed in life if so I'm gonna be a dancer and when I can't do this I'll say my mom said it's not ladylike "


Dance is a sport no matter how much GLITTER is involved. Possibly BECAUSE of how much glitter is involved. Getting that stuff off your skin is a workout in itself.

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Actually that is totally how I walk around the house sometimes, especially after watching SYTYCD or something like that. <----- yup, walk like this a lot, too. and I'm not even a ballet dancer!

SO ME, okay some guy may have been in love with me, but they didn't say a word if they are!<<<<< This made me sad because it's true, for me at least.

Teenager Post - Family: Your so pretty! I bet tons of guys are falling for you! School: Someone poke it with a stick, see if it bites

How many fingers do you see? - Imgur

How many fingers do you see?

How I see without glasses vs. how my friends think I see without my glasses. Sorry, friends with glasses