Lovely vintage Royal Halsey fine china teacup and saucer. Beautiful detail and color with pearl iridescent sheen. Such a cute addition to your teacup collection!

Shell like cup n saucer

This petite little teacup is my very favorite one I’ve ever found! It’s got a lovely pearlized finish and little blue bubbles. I call it my “mermaid teacup.” It was made by Limoges and an internet source dates the mark from between

Offering one beautiful Royal Albert Old English Rose Tea Cup and Saucer Alternating one dark, two light large pink roses, pretty Hampton Shape Gold trim is frosted along the edges Handle has gold trim curling down along the sides following the curve of the handle One gold stroke on tip

Royal Albert Old English Rose Tea Cup and Saucer Set, Hampton Style Teacup, Gold Frost Trim, Dark and Light Pink Roses, England 1945 ~ 1960

Hibiscus Teacups

Two's Company Hibiscus Tea Set. A delicately sculpted saucer and cup is handpainted porcelain

pink & teal

Aqua themed stacked tea cups, Print from the Original Painting by Gail McCormack



Gorgeous cup and saucer. When I had my shop I LOVED all the cups and saucers that would come in. I always thought it would be wonderful to have a collection and when you serve tea everyone gets a different cup and saucer!

Vintage Aynsley Pink and White Floral Rose Tea Cup and Saucer. Exquisite.

with a beautiful vintage Aynsley pink & white floral rose tea cup set .Perfect for ladies tea nights!

(via Tammy Lovrich / Pinterest)

Lovely Blue Teacups in Various Patterns~ photographed by Carolyn at Aiken House and Garden

Lenox Disney Showcase Mrs. Potts & Chip: Home & Kitchen

Pots and Chip teacup and teapot set. I don't even drink tea, but I still want it! I love it mostly because of the disney movie it is from.

Ana Rosa tumblr | What to do with chipped china - Thrifty Home

What to do with chipped china

types of tea cups

Tea and coffee arrived in Britain in the middle of the seventeenth century. The East India Company brought delicate porcelain teapots and tea bowls from China. The growing fashion for tea drinking in mid eighteenth century inspired the British and Europea